Academic Support

Valor provides every student with a college preparatory education that challenges them to excel academically. As a result, classes at Valor can be rigorous. We work with students proactively to ensure they have the level of support they need to thrive at Valor.

All students can take advantage of our on-campus academic support services including: faculty tutoring, peer tutoring, accommodations for students with a diagnosed learning disability, standardized test prep, incoming freshman programs and classes (spring and summer) and an elective support class – Academic Management.

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Tutoring Center

The Valor Tutoring Center offers faculty and peer tutoring for students who need additional help in specific subjects. 

  • Faculty Tutoring Sessions $65/session

    Have your student tutored by a full-time faculty member who is familiar with Valor's curriculum, teachers, and assignments. Tutors are able to help students with current content and identify gaps in knowledge to address the larger picture.

  • Peer Tutoring Sessions $25/session

    Your student can be tutored by one of their peers. These peer tutors are highly vetted and must complete a rigorous application process. The Peer Tutors are trained to help other students succeed in specific subjects.

Tutoring sessions can be scheduled both during the regular school day and after school. If you’re interested in more information or would like to schedule a session for your student, please contact Academic Support.


If a student has a diagnosed learning difficulty that hinders his or her ability to access information or demonstrate knowledge in a manner appropriate to his or her ability level, then we strive to find the appropriate accommodations that provide space and opportunity for that student to learn and grow academically. Accommodations are not the silver bullet but rather one tool that we use to enhance student learning.

Students who have a documented learning difficulty may be considered for formal academic accommodations after a thorough review process. The first step is to have a student diagnostically tested and submit that testing to the Accommodations Coordinator.

In order for a student to be considered for accommodations, testing must be within the last three years. Once testing is received, the Accommodations Coordinator will review and contact the requesting family for a meeting. Accommodations are reviewed on a yearly basis.

If you would like more information, you can view current Accommodations Policies or email Vicki Munderloh, Accommodations Coordinator.

Standardized Test Accommodations Links

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Standardized Test Prep

At Valor, our commitment to prepare our students for university studies includes preparing them for standardized tests such as the SAT, PSAT and ACT. When pursuing college scholarships or university acceptance, we understand how crucial a couple of points can be on these tests.

Valor offers an ACT preparation class to juniors either during the fall or spring semester. The math portion of the ACT covers material through Algebra II. Therefore, juniors that completed Algebra II their sophomore year, will participate in the fall prep course. Juniors that are currently enrolled in Algebra II, will participate in the spring prep course. This class provides the best strategies for taking the ACT as well as reinforcing the knowledge of content that is often covered on this test.

Additionally, Valor partners with Star Tutors, an online test prep company. Juniors and seniors may choose to participate in this 20 hour standardized test prep program with live virtual classes. The classes will take place over 10 weeks in two-hour sessions and will cover 98% of the material found on the ACT (or SAT). 

In addition to the live weekly classes, all lessons are recorded and posted for students to review at any time. If you would like more information, you can view the Star Tutors website or contact Will Ostransky, Academic Support Lead.

The on-campus Tutoring Center offers additional, one-on-one SAT and ACT test prep tutoring at the cost of $75 per hour.


A PSAT prep class is offered to Valor juniors who scored higher than 1150 on the PSAT as sophomores. This class meets twice per week and concludes after students take the October PSAT. The goal of this class is to see students earn National Merit recognition.

Test Prep Videos

These videos are designed to give students problem solving tools and strategies specific to each section and standardized test. Check out any of the topics below.

General Test Prep Strategies »

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ACT English » 
ACT Math »
ACT Reading »
ACT Science »
ACT Writing »

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Academic Management

The Academic Management (AM) course is intended to support students by improving academic performance and study habits. AM faculty help students advocate for themselves with teachers and serve as a constant accountability checkpoint.

Weekly attention is given toward organization and grade checks as well as a plan for remediation if the student falls behind. This class option is available for all students at the cost of $1200 per semester.

Contact: Will Ostransky, Academic Support Lead