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Recent Stories

Together, we will get through this season recognizing that “the light at the end of the tunnel” is none other than the Light that came into the world at Christmas.
By not taking the traditional college-to-career route, Evan Williams '19 got a clearer picture of his Christian journey and discovered what really fed his heart for impacting the world for Christ.
Understanding art as an act of service is one of the main goals of the Valor Visual Arts Conservatory.
This past Wednesday, November 11, Valor was honored to host Chief Special Warfare Operator Jeffrey Benson, who has served our country in the United States Navy Seal Teams.
On November 11, Valor had its highest number of signing commitments in recent history with 33 student-athletes committing to college and accepting scholarships to play at some of the top schools in the country.
I aspire to be to my students what my teachers and mentors were to me--to point my young friends to truth and beauty and goodness, to help them weed falsehoods out of their thinking and lives, and to direct them to Christ, the Best Teacher.