New Discovery Service Hour Requirements

Starting in the fall of 2017, Discovery will require all freshmen and sophomores to complete and submit Discovery-approved service hours for application and consideration for all Discovery experiences. Additionally, this policy will be in place for all grades beginning in the fall of 2018.

2017-18 mandatory pre-approved Discovery hours for freshman & sophomore Discovery experience consideration:

4 Required Discovery Service Hours

California (girls)
Castle Rock – Wellspring
Costa Rica (soccer)
Denver Urban (3 teams)
Dominican Republic (basketball)
Hurricane Relief
National Parks (2 teams)
Navajo Nation

8 Required Discovery Service Hours

India (Veritas)
Guatemala (Spanish immersion)

15 Required Discovery Service Hours

Nicaragua – Managua
Nicaragua – Puerto Cabezas

35 Required Discovery Service Hours

Africa – Kenya
Africa – Rwanda
South Africa

Students are encouraged to submit service hours as soon as possible so as to expedite the approval process. Hours must be completed, entered and approved no later than October 20 to qualify freshmen and sophomores for potential selection to a 2017-18 Discovery team.