NCAA: DI Council adopts rules to curb early recruiting

Changes more closely align with college decision timeline for student body

A student-athlete’s college search will more closely align with that of the general student body under new rules adopted this week by the Division I Council.

Designed to curb early recruiting, the rules were approved during the Council’s meeting Thursday and Friday in Indianapolis.

The changes are the second phase of an emphasis on early recruiting prioritized by the Division I Board of Directors in its strategic areas of emphasis adopted last year. The process also has been informed by the NCAA Presidential Forum’s principles to guide recruitment. Both the board and the forum emphasized supporting student-athletes’ and prospects’ overall well-being.

This week’s changes mark the second consecutive year that Division I adopted rules intended to curb early recruiting. The new rules address early recruiting in sports other than football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse and softball and create a separate structure for men’s ice hockey recruiting.

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