What an exciting evening last night at the 2016 Kalos Film Festival.  The sold out red carpet event gave the Valor film students an amazing opportunity to grow in their craft.  The professional judges watched discussed and awarded the films the students have worked so hard to create.  These students will be the future producers, directors, cinematographers, writers, editors and international film makers!  Thank you to all that attended and congratulations to all of the winners.
Below are two of the films, more will follow in the next Project issue.


“Through the Eyes of a Child”

Director/Producer/Writer – Hannah Bauer

Assistant Director – Emily Stevenson

Editor – Hannah Bauer

Cinematographer – Hannah Bauer

Assistant Cinematographer – Patrick Lavey

Lights – Patrick Lavey

Special Effects – Tyler Lynch, Nathaniel Lehrer, and Emily Stevenson


Mother (Carolyn) – Amy Gray, Boy (Theo) – Camden Wright

Music – Roots by Galdson

Special Thanks to:  The Barn in Castle Rock

A FEW WORDS FROM HANNAH: This film is about a mother who is preparing for the holidays, is very stressed and hasn’t “stopped to smell the roses” in weeks. Her son is enamored with the world, seeing the beauty in the smallest things. During a day, her son repeatedly shows her beautiful things, but she is too stressed and busy to see the beauty. At the end of the day, she finally stops to see the amazing grandeur of the world.

My motivation for doing this film was that my family and I had a very difficult year last year: My mom was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer. She’s in remission now, but that time taught us to appreciate the small, everyday things instead of focusing on the negative side of life. We always took the time to watch the sun set or talk at night or watch movies together. As I observed other people, I noticed that we all have the habit of rushing by beauty without stopping to take it in. I wanted to show and teach people what I have learned without having them go through such a traumatic experience.
As I was driving home after the KALOS film festival , I realized that it is very unlikely that any award that I get in the future will top this one in meaningfulness, even if I get an Oscar.  In my first couple of years of doing film, my work and creativity was not really recognized, even after entering two of my films in previous KALOS festivals, and I started to wonder if I was doing what I was supposed to. Last year, I won the Elevate award for filmmaking, which boosted my self-esteem and reaffirmed my passion for filmmaking. This award is very special to me because I have always been a bit self-conscious about my cinematography skills, thinking that I wasn’t very good at it. So, thank-you everyone for supporting me and seeing the good in my work and creativity. It means a lot!
Outside the Box/ Mimetime ” 

Director: Jacob Paulson

Editors: Jacob Paulson, Caleb Paulson, Kyle McGrath

Art Direction: Jacob Paulson, Caleb Paulson

Directors of Photography: Caleb Paulson, Kyle McGrath

Set Location: Kyle McGrath

Actors: Jacob Paulson, Caleb Paulson, Kyle McGrath

Click HERE to view Mimetime
ABOUT KALOS: KALOS is a juried program of short films created by students, featuring a panel discussion with insight from industry professionals. The word “Kalos” means beautiful but is also used to describe a combination of distinct virtues like “noble”, “good” or “upstanding. The KALOS Film students have explored the meanings and concepts of beauty in all of the featured films.