Join Our Team

Thank you for considering a career at Valor Christian High School. We believe Valor is a pretty amazing place to work and we think you will agree. We take our roles very seriously but have a lot of fun along the way. We are committed to relentlessly pursuing God each day as we seek to fulfill our vision to prepare tomorrow’s leaders to transform the world for Christ. We believe in this generation of students and expect God to use them in mighty ways to further His kingdom.

We talk a lot about “calling” and how each of us should use our vocation to bear the image of God. In order to be truly successful at Valor, we believe you must be called to join our ministry. Calling can be described as a deep confirmation and conviction in your spirit, knowing without a doubt, this is where God wants you to be for this season in your life. Calling is so important! It is what sustains you during the difficult times and fills you with overwhelming gratitude during good times.

We care a lot about our culture and are only looking to hire individuals who will cherish, protect, sustain and advance it. Please take time to read our culture document. You will see that we share core values, an exceptional work environment and a thriving overall culture where we endeavor to make sure that the “grass is greener here.” If this all sounds intriguing, please keep reading.

At Valor, we operate our school within the context of a Christian community. Every team member at Valor is a minister, caring for each other, our community, and most importantly, our students. We seek to hire only those individuals who are aligned and in agreement with our faith and religious beliefs and practices. The overall Valor website will help you understand the general foundations of our school and faith perspective. Please check it out if you haven’t already done so and make sure you explore all aspects of our school so you have a better understanding of who we are as an organization. Our students do some pretty amazing things and our employees are just the best!

In addition, the links on this page will give you specific details about our beliefs, culture, and expectations of all employees. These are really important documents. Please read them. You should only consider applying for a position at Valor if you are certain you will be in agreement with these documents and ultimately be able to affirm your commitments as stated. Should you be selected to join our team, we want you to be successful and providing you with as much clarity on the front end is a great way to start our relationship.

Because we need to make sure individuals are the right fit, we have a pretty thorough and detailed application process and it will include opportunities for you to express your religious beliefs. As you move forward in our process, we will carefully review your responses to confirm you are well-aligned with our Christian community. Stated another way, our employment process includes the screening and examination of all applicants regarding their religious beliefs and practices. We take our faith very seriously and seek to honor Jesus in everything we do. That includes our decisions to hire people to join our community.

If you are excited about what you just read and in agreement with the statements made above, we invite you to get started. We’d love to get to know you to see if you would be a great fit for our organization. Please review the open positions below. Opportunity awaits!