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Assistant Girls Basketball Coach


The Assistant Coach of the Valor Christian High School Girls Basketball program exists to prepare tomorrow’s leaders to transform the world for Christ within the platform of the sport. As a committed follower of Jesus Christ, the Assistant Coach of the Girls Basketball program will provide excellent support of the program including intentional development of the Valor athletes’ faith in Jesus Christ and excellence in Christian Character, while instilling great work habits, and teaching, stressing and monitoring the primacy of Academics.


Possess and Model a Growing Relationship with Christ
• Pursue full devotion to Christ and live a life that reflects that authenticity
• Model the fruits of the spirit in communications, relationships and daily work
• Demonstrate teachability and a willing heart for service
• Embody others-centered, servant-leadership in all interactions

Demonstrate Trustworthy Commitment to Valor Christian High School
• Accept and uphold Valor’s Statement of Faith
• Accept and abide by all affirmations in Valor’s Annual Statement of Commitment
• Be relationally involved in the life/lives of our students with a heart of service and mission

Provide Strategic, Effective, Inspiring Team Support
• Uphold and embody Valor’s culture as set forth in the Valor Culture Document
• Model servant leadership, grace and love in all relationships and interactions
• Provide team support regarding all matters, processes and initiatives

Provide Intentional Development of Athletes’ Faith and Christian Character
• Develop and execute Spiritual and Character Development Plan
• Facilitate the athletes’ development of their God-given abilities to the fullest in both life and while participating with their
• Be a positive Christian role model for all of the student-athletes at the school

Demonstrate Excellent “Follow”-ship and Leadership in sport and the Athletic Department
• Support the Team Plan set by the Head Coach and be responsible for its execution
• Partner in the development and implementation of daily practices
• Film breakdown and game analysis
• Scouting of upcoming opponents and implementation of game plan

Partner Exceptionally with Community of Support Available in Valor Athletics
• Be committed to partnering with parents
• Support athletes in being their best physically through the Valor Performance and Valor Sports Medicine programs
• Assist athletes and families in College Recruiting process with the Director of College Recruiting, when applicable
• Know and understand CHSAA rules and regulations with Director of CHSAA Compliance
• Be a contributing member of the Valor Coaches Association by attending VCA events

Demonstrate a Commitment to Fulfilling Valor’s Vision and Mission
• Assume collaborative responsibility for Operating Plan Goals per the leadership and guidance of the Athletic Director
• Be a ‘culture- keeper’

Demonstrate a Commitment to Growth
• Participate in Valor Team meetings and weekly meetings with Supervisor
• Demonstrate teachability and receptive to feedback
• Pursue professional/personal/spiritual growth and development
• Participate in the broader ministry of Valor by contributing of time, talent and treasure beyond assigned role responsibilities

Serve Wholeheartedly as an Exceptional Teammate
• Demonstrate loyalty to teammates in action and word
• Pursue and uphold relational unity with Team members
• Assist Team members to facilitate school-wide wins

Athletic Director, Athletic Coordinator, Director of Performance, Assistant Athletic Directors, Athletic Trainers, Head Coach, Assistant Coaches, Parents

Excel in upholding the Valor Athletic Core Values and Outcomes:
• Core Values:
o Strengthen our Athletes’ Faith in Jesus Christ
o Develop Excellence in Christian Character, which is based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ
o Instill Great Work Habits in All of Our Athletes
o Teach, Stress, and Monitor the Primacy of Academics
• Outcomes:
o Every student-athlete has an exceptional experience being involved in Valor Athletics.
o Every student-athlete grows in his or her faith because of participating in Valor Athletics.
o Every student-athlete has a mentoring/discipleship connection with an adult in the Valor Athletic program.
o Valor teams are highly successful (competitive excellence).
o Every sport at Valor serves as a marquee attraction for students.

• Coaching experience in the particular sport
• Experience in mentoring student-athletes
• All Valor staff must be trusted to maintain confidentiality in all matters of school business.
• Must be able to relate with high school athletes
• Ability to effectively communicate with parents and other coaches

Position Type: Assistant Coach, Stipend
Hours per Week: This stipend position is temporary, part-time, exempt and will not include benefits, including sick/personal leave
Supervisor: Head Coach, Athletic Director

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