Inside the life of Arts Conservatory student Eunji Lee

By Marian Bouchot

At Valor, students with innate artistic ability have the opportunity to be a part of the Arts Conservatory. The Conservatory allows students to specialize in any art form they choose so that they can improve and grow in their craft. Eunji Lee, a foreign exchange student from South Korea, is part of the Conservatory because of her incredible talent for playing the piano.

I met Eunji Lee for the first time last year in my Bible class. She transferred in second semester, chose to sit next to me and the rest is history. Eunji has been a foreign exchange student for three years now, first living in San Diego and now lives in Colorado. I eagerly waited for her all last summer, which she spent in Korea. My family is hosting her this year, so I’m privileged to spend much time with her.

Eunji and I have been spending senior year together since it started. When we are not doing homework, we spend most of our time eating away at something sweet and watching good films and TV shows. Its our perfect way to sit back and relax. Each day is an adventure in itself filled with new conversations and new laughs.

Any Valor Arts Conservatory student’s work, whatever it may be, seems so effortless when it is shown to others, but it is often forgotten just how much work and effort is put into their craft to make it seem even slightly effortless. Students in the Conservatory, like Eunji, have to juggle countless different things making life for them very busy. Eunji is taking four science classes, 3 of which are AP, and an online differential equations class. She manages to still practice on the piano, get all of her school work done, and all while finishing college applications. In other words, she is able to still find time to practice her art because of her genuine love and passion for it.

Having the opportunity to see all the work that Eunji puts into her studies and her craft is simply inspiring. After all of her long hours spent practicing and studying, she still manages to wear a smile everyday. Her determination to be better never fails to show!