Transfer & Part-Time Students

In the history of Valor, transfer students have been an integral piece of our culture.  In fact, our first graduating class consisted entirely of transfer students. You could continue this tradition by considering being a part of our Valor community. Valor welcomes students from all over the Denver area to pursue a rigorous, college preparatory, Christian education that will equip them for a promising future.

We believe that Valor Christian High School is one of the best and the most unique educational opportunities for transfer students. Our transfer students excel in the classroom, arts arena and athletics. The small class sizes help them acclimate quickly both socially and academically. Empowered by our vision, mission and distinctives, Valor students are prepared and well-rounded leaders who are transforming the world for Christ. To apply click here.

“Transferring to Valor was one of the smartest and easiest decisions I’ve made. From the first day, both teachers and students were excited to meet me and welcome me to the Valor community. The teachers worked with me to get me caught up with the current students in the classroom, and the students quickly helped me feel a part of the class. With the amount of people at Valor who care for you and want to see you succeed, you quickly forget that you ever went to a different school.” —Ethan

Part-Time Student Participation Policy

Valor Christian High School, desiring to serve a focused group of constituents, creates the following Part-Time Student Participation Policy. The home school community is one that we believe shares our values of academic excellence, a distinctively Christian education, and preparing leaders to transform the culture. While Valor is focused on preparing students for college and university studies grounded in a biblical worldview, we understand that home school families specifically have taken on the primary educational responsibility for their children and we applaud their resolve. Valor endeavors to come alongside parents in their quest to educate their children.

In order for Valor to effectively pursue its vision of preparing leaders to transform the culture, we believe we must have “minimum contacts” with all students we educate. We hold to a belief that both cognitive transmission of ideas and concepts as well as relational life-on-life training and mentoring are critical to our brand of education and our goals as an organization. It is important to understand that Valor Christian High School cannot be effective on an “a la carte” basis. Therefore, we have established the following policies and procedures for Part-Time students to be enrolled at Valor and to participate in our programs and activities.

Minimum Contacts: a Part-Time student at a minimum must be engaged as follows:

  • Must enroll in one (1) year-long core academic course [English, Math, Science, History, or World Language] and be committed to regular on-campus participation in all aspects of the course;
  • Must enroll in Valor’s required Bible course(s) or receive advance standing through the interview process that would exempt Bible course requirements. In the case where a Bible course is waived, the student must enroll in either an additional semester or year-long elective or core course. The student must be committed to regular on-campus participation in all aspects of the course;
  • Additional Contacts: a Part-Time student is strongly encouraged to engage in the following:
    • Participate in Wednesday Chapel and Friday “Community”. These two gatherings are an essential in connecting students to other students, facilitating communication, and allowing spiritual and leadership growth.
    • Participate in after-school co-curricular programs in athletics, arts, clubs and activities.
    • Participate through enrollment in additional courses.

Application and Enrollment

Prospective Part-Time students must apply for admissions just as any other student which includes a careful review of their past academic record, parent and student answers to essay questions, letters of recommendation and successfully participate in a personal interview. The application process can be found here.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for Part-Time students is established according to the table below. Participation fees for interscholastic athletics, co-curricular activities, clubs and events will be the same as for any other full-time enrolled student.

Minimum Participation 1 core academic year-long course;
Bible elective or other approved elective course;
Additional Course Any single academic or non-academic course $3,240 per year-long course;
$1,620 per semester course
Additional fees and expenses Athletic, Arts, Club, labs or other co-curricular fees As stated in Valor policies and as extended to all other Valor students.

Additional Services

Part-time students will receive all additional services available to any other Valor student; such as, full access and use of Valor technology, Media Center, academic and college counseling, advisory programs, mentoring, and other programs as currently planned or to be developed.

Academic Reporting

Part-time students will receive regular progress reports, semester grades and will have the opportunity to be involved with all assessment plans and testing (e.g. Explore, PLAN, PSAT, etc.). Part-time students will receive confirmation of attendance in courses taken, grades assigned and any other record keeping matters typical to enrolled students and which will be helpful in college applications or transfer credit to other schools; however, part-time students will receive a transcript of course-work indicating a different enrolled status than that of full-time enrolled students.

Full-Time Enrollment

If a Part-Time student subsequently enrolls full-time at Valor, then all courses taken under this policy will be recorded on the permanent Valor transcript.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation from Valor with a diploma under our accreditation is reserved for those students who have fulfilled all graduation requirements and have been full-time enrolled students at Valor for no less than three consecutive semesters immediately prior to graduation.

For more information please contact Zach Gautier, Director of Academic and College Counseling.