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You're Right On Time

Finish Strong With Us

You may not have started high school with us, but don’t let that stop you from finishing as part of our Valor community. Our small class sizes will help you acclimate fast and make friends even faster. And, our athletics, arts, co-curricular and service programs will give you many ways to get involved from your first day onward.

With the amount of people at Valor who care for you and want to see you succeed, you quickly forget that you ever went to a different school.


We Love International Students

Valor welcomes and accepts applications from international students entering grades 9 through 11. By opening doors to students from around the globe who are seeking a Christian education, Valor enriches their lives and the lives of our local students with a cross-cultural experience.

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Valor Graduate


Valor enabled me to do a lot of things that I didn’t think I could do. Because of my learning disabilities, my parents were told that I would never be able to go to college. If I didn’t have the special attention I got at Valor, I don’t know that I would have had the courage to go to college. I had the willpower, but Valor taught me how to succeed in academics.