Enrollment Information


Enrollment for new and returning students opens in January 2019. Valor uses SchoolAdmin as an enrollment management system. All families will receive an email with a link to log into your SchoolAdmin account and instructions on how to complete your student’s enrollment for the 2019-2020 academic year.

You can access SchoolAdmin here. After you log into SchoolAdmin, please compete the items in each of your student’s checklist. If your student will not be returning, please indicate this, and you will not complete the remaining checklist items.

Tuition for the 2019–2020 Academic Year: $20,200.

Please refer to the list below for additional information based on your families' requirements:

Families with both New and Returning Students

Please login with your new student’s existing SchoolAdmin username and password here. Returning Valor students will automatically link to your new student's account.

If you have more than one student at Valor with one returning and the other(s) not enrolling, please allow two business days before you will be able to make the deposit payment on the student enrolling at Valor.

Please note that each of your students need to have all items completed in their checklist in order to make the final enrollment deposit.  If you are waiting to hear back on an acceptance, you will be able to complete all your student’s enrollment once a decision is made and enrollment information is sent to your newly accepted student. The Enrollment Agreement of all students must be signed and complete before the FACTS deposit link will populate and allow the deposit payment to be made.

Enrollment & Financial Agreement Information

Depending on your marital status, one parent or both parents may be required to sign the Enrollment and Financial Agreement.

Every parent signing the Agreement must create their own SchoolAdmin account. See Enrollment Instructions for further details.

The Enrollment Agreement of all students must be signed and complete before the FACTS deposit link will populate and allow the deposit payment to be made.  You will need to access FACTS through SchoolAdmin, as opposed to logging into FACTS directly or your 2019-20 payment information will not appear.

Enrollment Deposit

When your Enrollment & Financial Agreement has been signed for each of your students, please click the FACTS link in your SchoolAdmin account checklist. You will need to access FACTS only through this SchoolAdmin link.

  • Once in FACTS either log into your existing account or create a new user name and password.
  • Proceed as prompted in setting up your payment plan for the 2019-2020 school year and making your deposit payment.
  • If you have applied for tuition assistance, your application will only be reviewed if your student is fully enrolled. Please make the required enrollment deposit.  If Valor is unable to meet your families need for assistance, your full enrollment deposit will be refunded by declining the award in SchoolAdmin by the date noted.

Tuition Insurance

We are pleased to offer tuition insurance coverage through A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. Families choosing the monthly payment plan are required to participate in the Tuition Refund Plan at the additional cost of $300 per year. If your student withdraws from Valor, the Tuition Refund Plan will pay benefits (subject to its terms, conditions and limitations and based on the amount insured) directly to the school in order to assist the family in meeting their financial obligation.

Please read the information provided pertaining to Valor’s Tuition Refund Plan (TRP), Insurance Program provided by A.W.G Dewar, Inc. Tuition Refund Plan.

Families with non-traditional household/s, divorced or shared parenting plan

New to the 2019-2020 school year, Valor Christian High School requires separated or divorced families to sign only one Enrollment and Financial Agreement per student. Both parents are required to sign the full Enrollment and Financial agreement confirming their full support of your student’s enrollment and attendance.  Only one FACTS account will be created for your student/s. Valor expects that both parents and all households fully support your student’s attendance as outlined further in the Enrollment and Financial Agreement. Shared financial parenting responsibilities will be the responsibility of the parents.

Valor will waive this requirement when it can be verified that there is only one parent in the student’s life, and when the non-custodial parent provides no financial support. This request for waiver must be accompanied by two separate verification forms confirming that there is no involvement of the non-custodial parent in the student’s life. We accept verification forms from the following types of third parties: counselor, attorney, clergy, employer.