Incoming Freshmen


Zonya Hamilton
We’re glad you’re here! I’m Zonya Hamilton, 9th Grade Academic and College Counselor. If you are interested in attending Valor and haven’t started the application process, please contact our Admissions department.  Feel free to email me or call 303.471.3380 with any academic-related questions or concerns. During summer break, please email ">Counseling with questions. Here is some important information to assist as you prepare for your time at Valor. Blessings for a wonderful 9th grade school year!

Course Planning Workshops

If you missed one of our Course Planning Sessions, here is a video recording to help guide you with course registration and academic planning. Please listen to the entire presentation before completing course registration.

Course Registration and Schedules

Please complete a Course Request Form to select courses for next year. Placement Testing is required for Math above Algebra I and World Language above Novice I. PSAT scores determine Honors level placement eligibility (as outlined in the video recording). Elective course requests are not guaranteed, pending availability. Course lists will be emailed in June with a course number needed to purchase books, which may be ordered through BNC Direct online bookstore. Final course schedules will be available at the new parent and student Orientation and BBQ on Monday, August 15.

Placement Testing

Students interested in taking Math above Algebra I or World Language above Novice I level are required to take a Placement Test. 

Please contact ">Counseling to schedule your Placement Test. Both tests may be taken on the same date and take approximately one hour each.

Practice Placement Test 1: Regular and Honors Geometry

Practice Placement Test 2: Regular and Honors Algebra II/Trig 

Practice Placement Test 3: Regular and DC (Dual Credit) Pre Calculus 

Conservatory for the Arts Information

The Conservatory for Performing Arts is open for applications and auditions for all incoming freshmen.  Please refer to the Conservatory page for descriptions and details.

Summer Assignments

The summer assignments and required readings are available here.

Fall Welcome for New Students and Parents

You’ll get more information later in the summer, but you definitely won’t want to miss this opportunity to meet other incoming families as you begin your time at Valor! We’ll host separate events just for freshmen and transfer students and parents to prepare you for Valor.
Freshmen – Mark your calendar for a fun and informative Welcome BBQ on Monday, August 15 at 5:00 pm on campus.

Course Descriptions, Electives, and Course Fees

Here is the Academic Curriculum Guide and 9th Grade elective course options  Please email the Enrollment Office for questions about course fees.


Selection of Course Levels

Class levels are determined by PSAT scores and Placement Testing. Course levels include College Prep (CP) which is the basic curriculum, Honors (H), Dual Credit (DC), and Advanced Placement (AP). DC and AP courses are not available in 9th grade. Students who begin in CP level courses still have the opportunity to take higher-level courses after 9th grade, pending grades and teacher recommendations.

GPA and Eligibility

Grading requirementsGPA calculations  and co-curricular eligibility requirements are outlined on our website.

Academic Support: Summer School, Tutoring and Accommodations

For academic support and summer school registration questions, please email Will Ostransky, Academic Support Lead. To schedule tutoring for the fall or spring semester, please email Chris Russo. Faculty tutors are $65 per session. Peer tutors are $25 per session. For questions about accommodations, please email Vicki Munderloh, Accommodations Coordinator.

Social and Emotional Support

We have licensed counselors on staff to assist with social and emotional support needs. You may email David Milton, Social and Emotional Services Coordinator, or Jessica Keith, Social and Emotional Services Interventionist for assistance. Sources of Strength is a fun and life-giving opportunity for students to get involved in a peer mentorship group, with regular meetings throughout the school year. Our Deans Team is also a great student support resource.

School Supplies and Books

Students should bring very basic school supplies (pens, pencils, and a notebook) on the first day of school. Students will be given a Valor planner. Teachers will guide students on supplies needed for each class. Course lists will be emailed in June and books may be ordered through BNC Direct online bookstore.

Stay in the Know

Families can receive the majority of their information from the Valor Weekly (newsletter) which is sent via email to students and parents on Sundays at 2:00 pm. Watch for periodic email updates from Valor, as well.

School Calendar

All school events can be found by clicking on the calendar icon at the top of the Valor website.

Attendance / Leaving early or arriving late

Please call the Attendance Line at 303.471.3100 to notify us of excused absences. To call your student out for a mid-day appointment, please call the front desk at 303.471.3000. Students will need to sign out at the front desk. If a student is returning to campus, they will need to check back in with the front desk upon arrival.

Student ID Cards

All students, faculty, and staff are required to visibly wear their ID cards on a lanyard at all times while they are on campus. Replacement ID’s can be purchased from the Valor Center front desk for $20. Students may only have one active ID at a time.

Computer Recommendations / IT Help Desk

We recommend that our students have access to a capable, modern computer to complete their coursework. While most of our faculty and staff use Apple MacBook or iMac computers, we do not require a specific brand of device for students. Any modern computer, including Chromebooks, will be sufficient for your student. If you have any specific questions about capabilities or any computer issues, please email our IT Help Desk team.

Students, Get Plugged In!

We encourage students to get involved and explore new opportunities. For information on getting involved in Arts, Athletics, Student Clubs, Student Leadership, STEM, or Discovery experiences, this information may be found on the Valor website.

Parents, Get Involved!

We love our parent volunteers! To learn about volunteer opportunities, Moms and Dads bible study, or other opportunities to get involved and meet other parents, please email Teresa Kozan, Parent Community Lead.

Parent and Student Handbook

For general guidelines, policies, and procedures, please see our Parent and Student Handbook.

Other Questions

Please see this list of staff and faculty to know how to direct other questions. You may also call the front desk at 303.471.3000 for assistance.

Summer Courses

Welcome Class of 2026! We believe in utilizing the summer to review and prepare for the upcoming year. To that end, we’re excited to offer multiple summer school opportunities to help our incoming freshmen students in their transition to Valor. Read about our course offerings below, and register using the link provided. We can’t wait to get started with your student soon! 

For academic support and summer school registration questions, please email Will Ostransky, Academic Support Lead.


Math and/or English
Cost: Single Subject / $125  Dual Subject / $175

Valor partners with IXL to provide a remedial curriculum that is personalized to each student’s learning gaps in english and math. Students begin by taking a diagnostic test. Based on the questions missed, the software creates a learning path that prepares students for 9th grade.

Freshman Seminar

June 6-23 (10:00-1:00 or 12:30-3:30)
July 11-28 (10:00-1:00 or 12:30-3:30)
July 25-Aug 11 (1:00-4:00)
Cost: $395

The summer 9th Grade Seminar option is ideal for students who are pursuing the performing or visual arts conservatory or who have a PSAT 8/9 composite score at the 75th percentile or higher. If a student did not meet the 75th percentile threshold, the family can request to take the summer option through Mrs. Hamilton. If a student struggles with organization, managing assignments, or motivation, the summer option is not recommended due to the on-going support that the traditional 9th Grade Seminar course provides. This is a half credit course.

Math Jumpstart

June 6-23 (11:00-12:30) or July 11-28 (1:00-2:30) 
Cost: $395

This class is ideal for students who tested between the
40-70th percentile on the Math portion of their PSAT entrance exam and want to review key Pre-Algebra concepts prior to starting Algebra I at Valor. The class will be taught similarly to freshman Algebra I, giving students a chance to get comfortable with the structure and teaching style prior to the first day of school.

Math Intensive

June 6-23 (1:00-3:30) or July 11-28 (10:00-12:30) 
Cost: $495

This is for students who traditionally struggle in Math and scored below the 45th percentile on the Math portion of their PSAT entrance exam. The class is designed to identify and remediate gaps to increase preparedness for Algebra I.

English Jumpstart 

June 6-23 (1:00-2:30) or July 11-28 (11:00-12:30)
Cost: $395

This class is ideal for students who scored between the 45-70th percentile on the English portion of their PSAT entrance exam and who want to get a jump-start on freshman English. Students will learn about Valor’s expectations in grammar, vocabulary, and writing. Students who take this class can expect to be more successful during the first few months of school because they will be familiar with the rhythm and expectations of the class before it starts.

English Intensive

June 6-23 (10:00-12:30) or July 11-28 (1:00-3:30)
Cost: $495

This is for students who traditionally struggle in English and scored below the 40th percentile on the English portion of their PSAT entrance exam. The class is designed to complete the summer reading assignment as well as prepare students for challenging text, vocabulary, and grammar that they will encounter during the school year.

Geometry Jumpstart

June 6-23 (10:00-11:30) or July 11-28 (1:00-2:30) 
Cost: $395

This class is for incoming 9th graders who took Algebra 1 in 8th grade and are seeking to test into Geometry for their freshman year. The course will help refresh Algebra 1 content and prepare a student to take Geometry in the fall. The Geometry placement test is still required for all students seeking to enroll above Algebra 1. To this end, the geometry placement test will be administered on the final day of the course

Refund Policy (applicable to all classes)

  • Families are eligible to receive a 100% refund if the student withdraws no later than one week prior to the start of class.
  • Families are eligible to receive a 75% refund if the student withdraws within one week, but more than three days before the start of class as long as the spot can be filled by another student. If the spot cannot be filled, families will be eligible to receive a 50% refund.
  • No refunds will be given for students who withdraw within three days prior to the start of class or any time thereafter.

Withdrawal from Class (applicable only to Freshman Seminar)

Summer school courses are held in a significantly shorter time frame compared to the regular school year. Withdrawal from a summer school class may be done so with the following understanding:

  • Students who withdraw from a class during the first week will not receive a penalty on their transcript.
  • Students who withdraw after completion of the first week will receive a “W” (Withdrawal) on their transcript.
  • Students who withdraw after completion of the second week will receive a “WF” (Withdrawal Failure) on their transcript, which will be calculated as a failing grade.