Valor’s LEED Certified facilities help ensure a safe and healthy campus.

Valor has added a new core value for the 2020-21 Academic School Year: cleanliness. This includes an increased focus on hygiene, and a commitment to a healthy and sickness-free environment. 

Masks, Face Coverings, and PPE

Given current state guidelines, and until further guidance is provided, Valor will require masks are worn in public indoor places. Please keep in mind that there are individuals in our community who cannot medically tolerate wearing a mask. Valor will have a supply of disposable masks for employees, visitors and students should they need one. Valor branded masks were dispensed at student check-in, with additional ones available for purchase in the school store. Any parent, volunteer, or vendor entering Valor will be required to wear a mask.

Health Screenings, Hygiene and Wellness

Signage is placed throughout heavily trafficked areas and entryways with COVID-19 Health and Safety Best Practice reminders. Hand washing and sanitization practices is practiced by all members of the Valor community. Signs remind students to wash their hands prior to lunch and throughout the day.

Enrolled students have signed a personal commitment to conducting their daily health screening and verifications at home each day before coming to school.

Valor has added additional social-emotional support for students during the 2020-2021 school year.

Sickness-Free Campus

Valor will be attentive to the health and wellness of the Valor community through visual cues to support those who are sick and ensure the safety and health of the Valor community as a whole.

Students, faculty or staff who test positive for COVID-19, must remain home for 14 days.  Remote learning is available for these students. 

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Classrooms will be regularly cleaned and disinfected each day. We continue to contract with Microforce, a specialized cleaning company, that provides electrostatic surface treatment for antimicrobial protection to all classrooms and high-contact surface areas.

We have electrostatic disinfectant sprayers in-house, used regularly to further enhance our protection and treatment of high-contact surface areas around campus.

Disinfectant kits are stationed in every classroom for faculty use between periods or as needed during class.

Hand sanitizing units are spread throughout Valor buildings in high-touch and high-traffic locations.

Enhanced cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting protocols and procedures have been implemented with our day porter service and evening cleaning crew.


  • Valor’s buildings utilize a high-performance air displacement ventilation system
    which supplies fresh outside air to all areas of Valor buildings.
  • Classrooms and offices are constantly working to bring in outside fresh air and exhausting contaminated air.
  • High quality filters are installed in all our high-performance air handling units and monitored regularly, and are replaced appropriately to ensure quality and effectiveness.
  • We are in the process of purchasing and installing bipolar ionization units for all of our air handling units to further improve the quality of our indoor air. This technology produces ionization molecules which attach to and deactivate harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses; and has already proven effective against SARS and influenza, holding great promise for significantly higher air quality in our buildings.

Physical Distancing & Mask Protocols, Isolation Room

We will continue to be cognizant of the recommendations and guidelines from state and local public health officials and will adhere and respond accordingly to those directives.

Valor’s larger classroom sizes can accommodate students to be spaced farther apart.

We have increased passing periods to allow students 10 minutes to transition between classes.

If a student develops symptoms during the day such as fever, sore throat, cough, trouble breathing, etc…they will be asked to remain in an isolation room in the main lobby of the academic building until they can be picked up by their parents or if driving, asked to head home until they are symptom free.    

Valor will consult with Tri-County Health, and do the appropriate tracing.

The student’s parents will be contacted to retrieve the student from school as soon as possible. Those that are found to be sick will not be allowed to return to school until clearance is received from a physician.