Co-curricular Eligibility

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Eligibility / Co-curricular Requirements

A student must maintain a minimum co-curricular GPA of 2.3 in order to be eligible for participation in Arts, Athletics, Speech & Debate, Student Government, or any other co-curricular program as determined by those program directors and/or the Director of Academics.

Progress grades calculated every four weeks for Progress Reports and grades recorded for the first and second academic semesters are used to calculate the co-curricular GPA. Students having two or more “F” grades, regardless of the GPA, will be considered ineligible for the next grading period. “I” grades are calculated as “F” grades until the “I” grade is removed.

The first two times a student fails to meet the minimum co-curricular GPA (2.3) in a given grading period, he or she will be placed on a four-week probation and allowed to continue participation as long as he or she is not failing two or more classes as per CHSAA’s minimum requirement. This probation period is used automatically following the first and second failure to meet the minimum co-curricular GPA requirement, regardless of if a student is participating in a co-curricular activity at that particular time.

Subsequent failure to meet the minimum co-curricular GPA at the end of each Progress Report or semester grades, regardless of time past since the two-time probationary period, will result in non-participation status until the student meets the minimum co-curricular GPA at the next reporting period. Non-participation is for contests only; practice participation is at the discretion of the coach or director in consultation with, and agreement by, Dean of Academics.

The Academic Support Lead shall be the administrative representative responsible for maintaining the academic eligibility files. Eligibility status will begin and conclude on the next Sunday following each Progress Report. Keep in mind that this eligibility minimum requirement is a low-bar for appropriate academic progress. Our expectation is for each individual to work to the God-given level they are able to.

Calculating Co-curricular GPA

Calculate your co-curricular GPA by using the grading scale below and then divide by the total number of credit-bearing courses.  

4 = 89.5% or greater
3 = 79.5% – 89.4%
2 = 69.5% – 79.4%
1 = 59.5% – 69.4%
0 = 59.4% or less

The calculation of the co-curricular GPA is different from the weighted or unweighted GPA. Valor does not provide families with a physical copy of grades as Progress Reports are an internal procedure used simply for eligibility purposes. Progress Reports are also not recorded on a student’s transcripts.

Please reach out to Will Ostransky () with any questions.