Parent & Student Handbook

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Valor Christian High School is a distinctive college preparatory high school with an educational philosophy founded on a biblical worldview. We expect our vision for excellence to prepare students to be highly successful, Christ-centered, influential leaders in whatever career they pursue.

Valor exists to partner with parents in providing their children with a well-rounded Christian view of the world. Our purpose is to graduate students with academic competence that know, love and serve God and their neighbor. All courses meet the best educational standards to accomplish our outcomes and are taught by Christ- centered individuals who bring their faith and insight into the classroom.

Students who attend Valor will be encouraged to lead a Christian life by the study and application of God’s Word. Besides learning from standard texts, students will be confronted with the implications of a biblical worldview.

Valor assumes the following about its students: they are developing the ability to think critically and deeply; as students prepare for college, they are becoming independent and articulate learners; they are forming within themselves the knowledge and responsibility for servant leadership; in them a pattern of active faith is emerging and a sense of a Christian worldview is being rooted.

Valor’s Vision

To prepare tomorrow’s leaders to transform the world for Christ.

Valor’s Mission

In partnership with committed parents, our mission is to provide a purpose-driven college preparatory program, within a vibrant Christ-centered environment that empowers students to discover their passions and to develop their unique gifts and abilities while growing in wisdom, knowledge, leadership, faith and service.

Valor’s Motto

Influence through Excellence

In order to be influential, students must be successful. Success opens the door for influence, which enables our students to transform the world for Christ. A high standard of excellence cannot be measured by only scores and results. The pursuit of excellence requires a lifelong quest.

Our role in that process is to provide a comprehensive high school experience that will augment parental upbringing and academically prepare students to achieve high measures in all their endeavors. Through their accomplishments and successes, Valor students will have greater opportunities to influence the culture.