Film Class Produces A Commercial

Recently, the Film 4 class had to opportunity to work with Mr. Joshua Anamier and Mr. John Deyoung to help produce a commercial for a Christian organization named JesusCares. The class learned new techniques of film as well as used their own techniques that they had learned from their years of experience in film. The students also had the opportunity to use professional equipment, such as a large jib (a crane for a camera). Film student Marian says, “I thought it was an amazing learning experience. I felt very professional and I loved working the new equipment and seeing the teamwork side of film. You really see how much of a team effort film is”. It is clear that these film students are very involved with their craft. The film program doing this commercial for JesusCares organization just re-establishes Valor’s number one goal––to prepare the world for Christ. By helping with this commercial, these films students are helping bring Christ to the world through their art and craft–film.



Video and Article By: Jake Smith