Are You Equipped?


It might come as no surprise that marijuana, alcohol, and vaping are dominating youth culture. What might surprise you is just how much these substances have changed in the past few years -- in their toxicity, their addictiveness, and their impact on the bodies and brains of teenagers still in the throes of adolescent development.

Understanding the outsized influence they play in your teen's world is an important first step in helping them navigate this challenging environment. But education isn't enough. Tige Watson, Director of Student Experience, explains below how this parent enrichment event will help equip you to navigate these conversations with your teen.

As parents, we need to be fully equipped:


  • Equipped with current information about these substances -- how students are using them, how the laws around substance use have changed, and the realistic consequences of use and abuse
  • Equipped to listen well to our students and encourage them to tell us what its really like out there, the pressure to fit in, and the tensions they live with every day to be part of youth culture on their own terms
  • Equipped to speak into their lives with wisdom, grace, compassion, and perhaps even a touch of humor. These are teenagers, after all.

Join us Saturday, April 6 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm in the Valor Center as we hear from a variety of subject matter experts on the impact of substance use and abuse, and how we as parents and educators can talk with teens and guide them toward making positive, healthy choices.