Elevate Awards Results and Review

Written By: Ben Beyers

As this school year comes to an end, the second year of events in the Valor Center also finishes.  The amazing productions, art shows, and work that students and teachers have been able to produce in these couple of years was unparalleled in both quality and quantity.  To celebrate all of the success of all our student artists, Valor Arts+Media has an year-in-review and award show called Elevate.  The night consisted of performances, humor, gallery shows, and many awards.

This year’s Elevate show was spectacular and there was so much talent to be acknowledged.  On top of all the awards, there were student performances like the musical theater class performing “The Adams Family” and Joshua Cellar tap dancing.  Both visual and performing arts students were awarded with two, three, and four-year medallions to honor their dedication to their craft.

In addition, there were Elly awards of Excellence awarded to a student in each discipline area who excelled in their craft this year.  The highest honors of the night were given to one visual artist, one performing artist, and then a final Renaissance award for work in both visual and performing arts.  This year, two people won the Renaissance award for the first time ever: Neil Trotter and Elleon Dobias.  They both poured themselves into the performing and visual arts this year (and every year past) and have so much talent, making them the perfect people to be recognized during the show.  The event was a huge success and everybody was amazed at our year full of student talent and Arts events.  There are more great events to be looking forward to next school year, including the next annual Elevate awards night!

Award Winners: 

Ceramics: Tess Clark
Dancer: Lacey Rigali
Choreographer: Hannah Seely
Drawing and Painting: Kaitlin Smith
Design: Cheyenne Smith
Film: Abby Hale
Vocal Performance: Grace Osborne
Instrumental Performance: Mark Worthington
Singer/Songwriter: Aaron Shultz
The Heart of Worship: Cole Glossinger
Theatre: Katie Lavey
Tech Theatre: Parker Nolan
Photography: Nacho Pizano
Media: Sarah Asinof
Excellence in the Performing Arts: Lily Potarf
Excellence in the Visual Arts: Marian Bouchot
Renaissance Award for Performing and Visual Artistry: Elleon Dobias and Neil Trotter