Discovery integrates Valor's vision and mission through life on life engagement, the development of meaningful relationships locally and around the world, and the critical exploration of worldviews, belief systems and cultural practices.

Serving with Christ-like love, we strive to ease burdens, relieve suffering, care for the poor, break down walls of prejudice and discrimination, meet the needs of others with the redeeming power of the gospel and use God-given gifts to transform the world.

Our ultimate prayer is that by God's grace students will grow socially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually - developing and deepening their faith in Jesus Christ as they...


Serving in Love

Our purpose and desired outcomes are Christ centered. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to go to all people — our neighbors and those in the farthest reaches of the world.

We believe that when students are able to learn about people, cultures and worldviews through a Christian lens, they are better able to live and engage the global community.

As students engage with others, they learn to love and serve humbly as Christ did. It is our hope that through loving service our students will be transformed, and others may be led to the truth.

Focus on the Poor and Marginalized

While some of our service opportunities are outreach-oriented, others focus on language learning, cultural immersion, leadership development or academic enhancement.

In every case, whether local or abroad, our prayer is that students will develop and model Christ’s servant leadership as a part of their broader experience.

When Students Serve, They Shine

Through the Discovery program, students gain a new understanding of God and the world as they experience diverse cultures, apply lessons from the classroom, and come alongside families marginalized by poverty.

As students serve, they develop Christ-like compassion and generosity that shapes them for life.

Discovery sent more than 400 students on 29 teams across the state, the nation and the world in 2019. Since our very first experience in India in 2008, more than 3,200 students have served on 168 experiences in 35 countries and 6 continents.

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