Discovery Service

Valor believes that through service to families, neighbors, communities and cultures, students have the opportunity to learn much about the heart of God. Scripture instructs Christ-followers to reach out in love to those who do not know Him, to lift up the downtrodden and to serve the less fortunate.

Discovery service hours must be served with Christian faith-based organizations. While we value the importance of service in any form, our desire is that Valor students serve the less fortunate in our Christian community - a community neglected by most students fulfilling public school service hour requirements.


Students are required to serve a minimum of 25 approved service hours per enrollment year. During the summer months which precede the start of the academic year, incoming freshmen and transfer students may begin fulfilling Discovery service hours.

While serving in the Valor community, students may qualify for no more than ten Discovery hours per year.  These hours (including Shadow Ambassadors, NHS service, etc.) must be pre-approved by Discovery.

Service Opportunities

Discovery service opportunities include but are not limited to:

  1. Volunteer work with local Discovery partners. Click Here for a list of pre-approved partners and ministries.
  2. All local, national and international Discovery experiences.
  3. Featured Discovery group and individual service opportunities.
  4. Pre-approved volunteer work at Valor. Work must support our vision and mission without financial compensation, academic credit or dual service hour credits to the student. Supervision by Valor faculty or staff is required.

Pre-approval of Service Project

Students may choose to serve with organizations or ministries not already on the Discovery service pre-approved list. To receive pre-approval for these hours, email a request to Please include your name, the name of the organization or ministry and a detailed description of the service work that will occur.

Log Service Hours Online

Click Here to Log Service Hours