Discovery Service

Welcome to Discovery Service. In addition to national and international Discovery experiences, Discovery will manage and approve service hours, oversee local service projects and class service days. In this section you will find links to log/view service hours, view our approved partners, featured service opportunities and events. In addition, we have a new FAQ link to answer the most common Discovery Service questions. Please contact with questions related to your Discovery Service Hours. Thank you!

Valor Discovery Service Overview

Local, National, and International Service Opportunities

Local, national and international service opportunities and experiences are managed by the Discovery program. The Discovery service hours are designed to give students an understanding of the heart of God, by being a part of His greater kingdom, through their service and evangelistic outreach. We learn from Christ’s example and through His teaching that a walk with Christ must include compassionate, outreach to other people, especially to those who are less fortunate. God’s Word instructs that His followers are to reach out in love to those who do not know Him, lift up the downtrodden and serve the less fortunate people who need a hand in the name of Jesus Christ. Valor Discovery seeks to specifically “prepare tomorrow’s leaders to transform the world for Christ.”

In partnering with primarily Christian faith-based organizations, Discovery is more than community service. It is directed towards holistically transforming the lives of the students, those who are served, and the surrounding culture, as an evangelistic outreach, in the Name and for the Glory of Jesus Christ, while supporting our ministry partners.

If a student is serving with an organization without a Christ-centered focus, we are supportive and encourage students to serve in their passions, but it may not qualify for Discovery service hours. We encourage students to serve with this in mind and if possible, to serve with their families, the local church, or the Valor community.


Each year, students are required to serve a minimum of 25 approved service hours with a cumulative total of 100 approved service hours by the end of their senior year, based upon four years of enrollment at Valor. The service hour requirement for Valor transfer students is pro-rated based upon enrollment date to Valor. During the summer months which precede the start of the academic year, Valor students including freshmen and transfer students, may work towards fulfilling their service hours.

While serving in the Valor community, students’ service may qualify for Discovery hours up to a maximum of 10 hours of their 25 hours/year service requirement. Students are encouraged to serve in the Valor community, but only up to this maximum. These hours can be from being a Valor Shadow Ambassador, NHS service, or other various volunteer experiences pre-approved by Discovery.

Possible Service Options

The following are considered possible service options for Valor students:

  1. Service projects with our local Discovery partners. Click Here for a list of pre-approved local Discovery partners and ministries:
  2. All local, national and international Valor Discovery Experiences. Click here to view the opportunities: 
  3. Featured Service Opportunities on the Discovery “Service” drop down link. Click here to view featured service opportunities and events:
  4. Valor Emergency Response Team Service Projects.
  5. Valor sponsored Athletic Summer Youth Camps and the Valor Shadow Program, on Valor campus.
  6. Discovery sponsored Class/Grade Level service days.
  7. Pre-approved, specific assistance with certain Valor events or needs held on Valor’s campus, which support the Valor vision and mission without financial compensation or academic credit or dual service hour credits to the student. Note: Supervision by Valor faculty or staff is required for such pre-approved Discovery service credit.

Pre-approval of Service Project

Although the list may not be inclusive of all approved organizations or events, students may choose to serve through other organizations or ministries. Prior to your service projects, students, faculty and staff will submit a pre-approval request, via email, to Please include your name, name of the organization or ministry and description of the service project to receive a pre-approval and express how this opportunity meets the requirements, set out herein, and on the Discovery service website. After completion of such service, students will log their Discovery service hours online.

Log Service Hours Online

Click Here to Log Service Hours