Discovery Experience History

Discovery sent more than 400 students on 25 teams across the state, the nation and the world in 2018. From 2008 to 2018, Discovery sent more than 2,600 students on 168 experiences to 35 countries on 6 continents.

Experiences Images
2017-18 Team (click for details)Ministry PartnerSeason# of Students
AlaskaAlaska MissionsSummer 20
CaliforniaCity ConnexxSpring 15
Castle RockWellspringSpring 15
Costa RicaMercy HomesSpring20
Denver UrbanCity Service MissionFall9
Denver UrbanCity Service MissionSpring10
Denver Urban (Cross Country)Open Door MinistriesSpring15
Dominican RepublicSCORESummer15
Grand CanyonA Christian Ministry to the National ParksSpring6
GuatemalaVida AbundanteSummer15
HaitiHope Rising HaitiSpring20
HondurasWorld Gospel OutreachSpring20
HoustonCity ConnexxSpring18
IdahoHope House IdahoSpring15
India VeritasVariousSummer19
KenyaHEART, Children of HopeSummer18
ManaguaOpen Hearts MinistrySummer18
Navajo NationNavajo MinistriesSpring12
Puerto Cabezas, NicaraguaCasa Bernabe, Verbo ChurchSpring18
PeruLost Children of PeruSummer18
RwandaHope Haven RwandaSummer18
South AfricaImpact Africa, Leadership InternationalSpring18
ThailandFrontier Labourers for ChristSpring18
ZionA Christian Ministry to the National ParksSummer18
Past Teams (click for video)Ministry PartnerYear# of Students
AlaskaAlaska Missions2017 18
AlbaniaCRU2017 13
BahamasBahamas Sailing Adventures201718
Costa Rica Mercy Homes201720
Cozumel Iglesia Presbiteriana20178
Cuba Experience Missions201713
Czech Republic Athletes in Action20177
Denver Urban (2) Open Door Ministries201729
Ethiopia International Medical Relief201729
Euro Bible Various201724
Haiti Hope Rising Haiti201720
Honduras World Gospel Outreach201714
Idaho Hope House Idaho201713
Kenya HEART, Children of Hope201718
Managua, Nicaragua Open Hearts Ministry201718
Navajo Nation Fort Defiance Presbyterian201717
Nepal The Footstool Project20179
Puerto Cabezas, NicaraguaCasa Bernabe, Verbo Church201719
Puerto Peñasco, Mexico (2) Amor Ministries201735
Peru Lost Children of Peru201717
Russia Peter's Work Ministry201715
RwandaHope Haven Rwanda201716
Santa Barbara, CAJourney Ministries201712
ThailandFrontier Labourers for Christ201720
Bahamas (2)Bahamas Sailing Adventures201636
Puerto Peñasco, MexicoAmor Ministries201658
Albania (Arts) CRU201621
Denver UrbanOpen Door Ministries201610
Rwanda Hope Haven Rwanda201616
Alaska Alaska Missions201616
KenyaHEART, Children of Hope201621
China Various201618
ManaguaOpen Hearts Ministry201623
Puerto Cabezas, NicaraguaRenew the Hope, Casa Bernabe201620
GuatemalaVida Abundante201616
Haiti Hope Rising Haiti201619
Thailand Frontier Labourers for Christ201620
Santa Barbara Journey Ministries201618
Navajo NationGood Shepard Mission, St. Michaels School201614
Euro BibleVarious201517
AlaskaAlaska Missions201517
Uganda Food for the Hungry201513
RwandaHope Haven Rwanda201514
Puerto Cabezas, NicaraguaRenew the Hope, Casa Bernabe201518
Managua Open Hearts Ministry201522
GuatemalaVida Abundante201515
Denver UrbanOpen Door Ministries201511
Puerto RicoWe Go Global201520
Navajo Nation Various201512
Santa Barbara, CAJourney Ministries201514
Georgia, USA We Go Global201515
Puerto Peñasco, Mexico Amor Ministries201518
ThailandFrontier Labourers for Christ201516
Bahamas (2) Bahamas Sailing Adventures201516
Miami, FL His House20159
Bahamas (2) Bahamas Sailing Adventures201432
PeruLost Children of Peru201417
Puerto Cabezas, NicaraguaRenew the Hope, Casa Bernabe201432
ManaguaOpen Hearts Ministry201419
Rwanda (2)Hope Have Rwanda201428
UgandaFood for the Hungry201411
KenyaHEART, Children of Hope201412
Thailand Frontier Labourers for Christ201411
Santa Barbara, CA Journey Ministries201414
Puerto Peñasco, MexicoAmor Ministries201418
Bahamas (2)Bahamas Sailing Adventures201334
Albania (Arts)CRU201422
GuatemalaVida Abundante201315
India (2)Various201324
Uganda Food for the Hungry201310
RwandaHope Haven Rwanda201312
Managua Open Hearts Ministry201335
KenyaHEART, Children of Hope201315
ThailandFrontier Labourers for Christ201311
Santa Barbara Journey Ministries201321
Puerto Peñasco, MexicoAmor Ministries201319
Pine Ridge, SDVarious20132
HaitiInternational Medical Relief201343
CambodiaAsian Hope201310
Albania (Arts)CRU201321
Dominican RepublicVarious201329
Washington D.C.Worldstrides201332
India (3)Various201227
Uganda Food for the Hungry201212
Managua, Nicaragua (2)Open Hearts Ministry201226
KenyaHEART, Children of Hope201215
KenyaBridges for Peace, Tabitha Ministries201214
GuatemalaVida Abundante201210
Puerto Peñasco, Mexico Amor Ministries201217
BahamasBahamas Sailing Adventures201217
Bahamas (2) Bahamas Sailing Adventures201130
UgandaOpen Hearts Ministry201112
KenyaHEART, Children of Hope201115
Managua Open Hearts Ministry201130
Puerto Peñasco, MexicoAmor Ministries201115
Dominican RepublicSCORE201124
GuatemalaVida Abundante201114
BahamasBahamas Sailing Adventures201031
Managua, NicaraguaOpen Hearts Ministry201012
Kenya/Uganda HEART, Children of Hope, Food for the Hungry201019
Dominican RepublicVarious201030
Greece Various201031
Puerto Peñasco, Mexico Amor Ministries201015
Denver UrbanOpen Door Ministries201015
Kenya/UgandaHEART, Children of Hope, Food for the Hungry200921
Puerto Peñasco, Mexico Amor Ministries200910
Denver UrbanOpen Door Ministries200915