Class Service

Valor Discovery partners with local organizations to provide service outreach opportunities for all of our students. Throughout the school year, these service opportunities are encouraged through Life Groups and are directed to those in need in our greater Denver community while providing transformational impact for our students. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to GO to all people, especially those in physical, spiritual and emotional poverty, including our neighbors. The goal is to Go and sacrificially SERVE, in the name of and with the love of Jesus Christ, for the glory of God. We seek to teach students to love and humbly serve, as Christ loved and served us, John 3:16; I John 3:16-18, 4:7-12, Isaiah 58:6-10. Through our loving service and God’s grace, we hope to help others find the Truth of Jesus Christ and His gospel, John 14:6. It is through going, learning, loving, serving and leading that students will TRANSFORM and will be transformed into the likeness of Christ, 2 Thess. 2:16-17. When Valor Life Groups unify as a team and serve together as ambassadors of Christ, they make a difference in their local community and inner-city of Denver.

Discovery Class Service News

Discovery Bids Farewell to 2016 Senior Class

There is perhaps no more bittersweet a day than graduation day, a moment that marks hopeful beginnings and landmark endings all in one. For the 194 seniors of Valor Christian, Friday, May 27 is that day. On that special Friday, families and teachers and those in between celebrate the young men and women who worked […]

Student Service Opportunity

Did you know that children only have on average 3 minutes of uninterrupted conversation with their parents a day? Studies show that 83% of all Christians make their commitments to Jesus between the ages of four and 14. If they do not know Christ by age 14, there is only a four-six percent probability of doing so. Cherry Hills Community […]

Valor Looks Ahead to Taste of Discovery

With eager anticipation, Valor friends and families are looking ahead to Taste of Discovery. In its second year of existence, the entertaining evening features cuisine from across the globe, prepared by professional chefs and culinary instructors in dazzling kitchens at Englewood’s Builders Appliance Center. At Taste of Discovery, guests will take a delectable trip around […]