Valor is committed to safely providing in-person learning

The definition of “Valor” is courage in the face of adversity. We are built to lead in times such as this, and you can expect our very best efforts, wisdom and actions as we face the year ahead. You can count on our resolve and commitment to approach this year with great enthusiasm, confidence and joy for the privilege of partnering together in such a worthy endeavor as preparing tomorrow’s leaders to transform the world for Christ.

In addition to our focus on the health and safety of our entire Valor community, we will expect and encourage personal responsibility for your own health and that of others who are most vulnerable. The following protocols and procedures (below) are currently in place for the 2020-2021 school year.

We take into account our student’s entire health profile – physical, mental, social and spiritual health – and we are convinced that on-campus, in-seat instruction is in the best interest of the vast majority of our students. Recent guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Children’s Hospital and the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment also affirm that students belong in school. For more information, see additional resources below.


Read About Valor's On-Campus Learning Plan

We are committed to offering your students an excellent education, grounded in a relationship with Jesus Christ and one another. We have prepared for various COVID-19 contingencies this school year returning to school, and believe that now more than ever students need to be with us, on campus growing in their faith, building friendships and experiencing life-changing opportunities that can only happen in person. It is with this intent that students are back on campus, attending classes held in-seat, wearing face masks, and physical distancing, along with adhering to other health and safety measures.

COVID-19 Communications

We will be using several communications channels — social media, website, digital updates and on-campus signage — to keep you informed throughout the school year.

Valor will post the latest all-school COVID-19 communications in the “Updates” section above.


Vendors will be required to wear a mask while on campus meeting or working onsite.  They will be required to complete an enhanced screening protocol on our Raptor system and affirm they are symptom free and have not been exposed to COVID-19 prior to being allowed on campus.

While we expect and encourage most meetings with external vendors to be conducted remotely, it is difficult to conduct some business without allowing vendors to service our campus when needed.

We will also keep a record of the locations they visited in the event contact tracing is needed.


Parent Volunteers

Parent volunteers remain an important part of our school culture. They will be asked to go through a new health screening process and be expected to adhere to the same health commitments and standards as our employees.

We will ask anyone coming on campus to follow our mask guidelines and complete an enhanced screening protocol on our Raptor system. We will also keep a record of the locations they visited in the event contact tracing is needed.