November Outstanding Sophomore: Brae Vannice

Congratulations to Brae Vannice, recipient of Valor’s Outstanding Sophomore Award for November. Teachers excitedly acknowledged Brae’s commitment and dedication to his studies, even in the face of various medical struggles. He has continually displayed courage and has set an outstanding example for his fellow classmates. Brae is an honor to teach in class.

November Outstanding Freshman: Ashley Jones

Congratulations to Ashley Jones, recipient of Valor’s Outstanding Freshmen Award for November. Asked to describe Ashley in one word, her teachers chose alegría – the Spanish word for joy. Ashley lives with a cheerful, brave spirit. She elevates the mood in the classroom with her presence and inspires fellow classmates to give their best effort. […]

November Outstanding Junior: Jake Vossan

Congratulations to Jacob Vossan, recipient of Valor’s Outstanding Junior Award for November. Teachers comment that his work inside and outside of the classroom improve the Valor community. His curiosity and joy for life and the world impresses his teachers. He works with the Valor IT department and is always willing to answer questions. We are thankful for Jacob Vossen.

November Outstanding Senior: Elleon Dobias

Congratulations to Elleon Dobias, recipient of Valor’s Outstanding Senior Award for November. Teachers and students easily see Elleon as a strong and passionate young woman. She uses her talents to be a light for Christ and she leads her peers through example and servant-leadership. Elleon has a kind and compassionate demeanor, and her willingness to […]

October Outstanding Freshman: Sydney Kamel

Congratulations to Sydney Kamel, recipient of Valor’s Outstanding Freshman Award for October. Sydney continually amazes her teachers with her willingness to work hard and her desire to learn something new everyday. This is especially seen in her dedication to becoming a better vocalist and actress. She does not settle for good, rather she strives for […]

October Outstanding Sophomore: Rafe Kinder

Congratulations to Rafe Kinder, recipient of Valor’s Outstanding Sophomore Award for October. Rafe has made an impression on his teachers due to his hard work and leadership in the classroom. He comes to class motivated to learn and works to understand the material. Rafe is also seen as a leader among his peers as he […]

October Outstanding Junior: Cody LeFebre

Congratulations to Cody LeFebre, recipient of Valor’s Outstanding Junior Award for October. Teachers quickly and easily recognize how hard Cody works inside and outside of the classroom. He also willingly shares his understanding of the content with his classmates. His love for Christ is evident through the patience and the love he has for others. […]

October Outstanding Senior: Marian Bouchot

Congratulations to Marian Bouchot, the recipient of Valor’s Outstanding Senior Award for October. Teachers applaud Marian’s ability to think deeply, critically and intelligently. She has mastered challenging content and demonstrates a great work ethic. Marian also extends an exceeding amount of grace toward her peers and teachers. She is kind to everyone, exemplifying Christ-like humility. […]