Why I Play: Rafe Kinder

When asked to write this “Why I Play”, I was struggling to decide what in particular to talk about. The game of baseball has been so good to me over the years; narrowing it down is hard. Whether it be the amazing teams I have played on, the great coaches I have been blessed with, […]

Why I Play – Max Malinski

Growing up I tried to play just about every sport there is. I’m not going to act like I loved them all, I certainly did not. While I was little I tried my hand at soccer, baseball, football, swimming…I even tried Taekwondo. Once again, I was definitely not anything special, and to be honest, I […]

Valor Wins DECA Districts

On November 28, the Valor DECA team, led by teachers David Haar and Reagan Sowa, competed against other Douglas County high schools in the district tournament and came away with the title for the first time in school history. Valor had 55 qualifying students, besting 2nd place ThunderRidge by five. These hard-working students will now […]

Emma Sees – Why I Play

I have come to the knowledge that beautiful things have dents and scratches, too. Beautiful things are broken. Beautiful things are flawed. And, the fact of the matter is that—in my seventeen years—I have never come across a single thing or person who is utterly free of the stains of past or present mistakes. I […]

Kenzie Wilson – Why I Play

About 10 years ago, I found the sport that would become my passion and my love. After playing soccer, dancing and cheering, I began to realize that my true love for softball far outweighed the other activities I participated in. I tried to play multiple sports, but after a while, I wanted to spend all […]

Myki Timlin: Why I Play

Having a pretty busy childhood, I never really get to play sports like most kids did. I started playing volleyball when I was about 9 years old after we moved to Colorado from Florida. Volleyball seemed pretty cool and I made a lot of friends, but when I was young, I never really thought to […]