Veritas Takes on Culture in Original Production

Written By: Abby Hale Difference Maker was a groundbreaking and diverse show that highlighted dance while focusing on societal issues. Topics such as self love, bravery, bullying, isolation, social media, abstinence and abusive relationships were addressed during the show with dance, media, music and rap.  The show included musicians and Christian rapper Eppic, who wrote an […]

Valor Voice Shares Gospel Message in Albania

The Discovery trip to Albania this year was different compared to previous years. In the past, the trip was taken by  Valor Arts Conservatory students to perform dance and theatre.  This year, Valor Voice, Valor’s acapella group was invited to tour and sing through  Albania. They put on concerts in cities throughout Albania that attracted […]

Students Host Anti-Sex Trafficking Conference

Written By: Abby Hale Last weekend Valor students partnered with students from five other area high schools to host the second annual SHIFT Justice Conference.  The purpose of the event was to bring to light the problem of sex trafficking and, more importantly, highlight ways to help end the suffering of the 46 million slaves […]

Valor Senior Uses Rap to Make an Impact

Art is in many ways an outlet for one to share their voice in a different and creative way.  A good artist will harness this philosophy to get a meaningful message across that would otherwise be missed in normal conversation.  Senior Trae Ambler, a rapper also known as Trilogy_, follows this discipline in his own […]

Valor Vespers Recap   Valor Vespers “Gloria” was a spectacular display of reclaiming the arts for Christ. Valor Students used their talents in dance, singing, music, acting, and even makeup in this epic production to tell Jesus’ story. The Christmas story is told by many during this time of year, but “Gloria” was in no way […]

Students Address The Issue Of Confidence

      In my opinion, confidence is one of the most important attributes you can develop. It’s something I strive to have and share with others. Especially in high school, being confident can be really tough. Everyone has to work through their own insecurities, even those who seem most comfortable and cool. For some, […]

Renewed Hope: Songwriter’s Showcase

When Valor Christian was founded in 2007, a foundation was built to pave the way not only for incredible academic opportunities, but also to build new traditions that would become ingrained within Valor’s culture forever. One of these traditions that has become immensely popular with students and parents alike is the Valor Arts Hope Renewed […]