Welcome to the Dean’s Desk

  As I sit here working on the first article for the Dean’s Desk, I am watching the movie The Greatest Game Ever Played. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. It is about a young man, Francis Ouimet, who overcomes poverty, a tough father, cultural perception and a number of other obstacles. […]

Leave the Nest and Soar

Every Valor parent longs for a successful launch from the proverbial nest and looks forward to seeing their teenager soar. A successful launch after high school is critical. Think of your child traveling down the path of maturity. Your teen will begin separating from you; a normal, natural and necessary process. Teens need opportunities to […]

The Wisdom of Grandpa

Do you remember Grandpa’s stories when he had to get up before dawn, milk the cows, feed the rest of the animals, start the fire and then walk seven miles to school in the rain, snow and wind?  Looking back was grandpa stressed out and anxious? Maybe not. What if stress management for your teen […]

Popcorn and Vape Pens

Upon first hearing the word JUUL one might be led to question if their student may be referencing a board game or perhaps a mistaken inference to a piece of jewelry. Unfortunately, both of the thoughts would be wrong. A JUUL is a type of vaporizer pen or vape pen, also known as an E- cigarette. Juuling, […]