Discovery Navajo Nation Video

This summer’s Discovery Navajo Nation team proved you don’t need to travel the globe to reflect the glory of God. Watch the team’s video to get a glimpse of the joy they both brought and experienced through VBS and service projects in Farmington, NM.

Navajo Nation Video

There is work to do and relationships to be made in Fort Defiance, AZ. For three-straight years, Discovery has traveled there to love and serve Native Americans on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Fort Defiance. Watch video from the team’s experience here.

110,000 Miles of Service

If ever there was a month that prompts us to get out and get away it’s March. Each year, nature springs to life and temperatures warm during March, ushering in a restlessness to get outside and get away from winter’s dreary grind. Across the country, thousands and thousands of students look ahead to leisurely spring […]