A New Kind of Spring Break

For students across the country, spring break means sunshine and relaxation – a time to escape to fun and get away from work. For 300 Valor students and leaders, however, spring break means anything but. For them, March means service and selflessness, cultural immersion, discomfort and sacrifice. It means hard work, long days and restless […]

Costa Rica Video

In the spring of 2018, 30 Valor Christian students and leaders traveled to Costa Rica to serve through soccer ministry and home construction. Check out the video from the team’s trip to get a peek into the team’s life-changing experience!

Planting Seeds in Denver

For the Discovery Denver team, this spring’s lessons on loving your neighbor were both meaningful and impactful. The group’s five-day experience working with City Service Missions faced encounters with homelessness, cultural diversity and general urban problems. By leaning into their experience, the Valor students had their hearts moved as they walked in the shoes of […]

New Discovery Service Hour Requirements

Starting in the fall of 2017, Discovery will require all freshmen and sophomores to complete and submit Discovery-approved service hours for application and consideration for all Discovery experiences. Additionally, this policy will be in place for all grades beginning in the fall of 2018. 2017-18 mandatory pre-approved Discovery hours for freshman & sophomore Discovery experience […]

A Student Perspective of Discovery

Valor Christian senior Blake Buchanan has had plenty of opportunity to serve in his time as a Valor student. Through experiences in Denver, Guatemala and Nepal, Blake has gained an invaluable perspective on the importance of service, missions and evangelism, even as his own faith has grown. In this video, Blake talks about the things […]

Called to Local Service

Each year, hundreds of Valor Christian students travel across the globe to serve the world’s poor, forgotten, and abandoned in the name of Christ. On those trips, hearts are touched and lives are changed, as God works in mighty ways through the selfless work that is done. Students come home with new perspectives on thankfulness, […]

110,000 Miles of Service

If ever there was a month that prompts us to get out and get away it’s March. Each year, nature springs to life and temperatures warm during March, ushering in a restlessness to get outside and get away from winter’s dreary grind. Across the country, thousands and thousands of students look ahead to leisurely spring […]

Discovery Bids Farewell to 2016 Senior Class

There is perhaps no more bittersweet a day than graduation day, a moment that marks hopeful beginnings and landmark endings all in one. For the 194 seniors of Valor Christian, Friday, May 27 is that day. On that special Friday, families and teachers and those in between celebrate the young men and women who worked […]

Discovery Finds Transformation in Denver

This spring, Valor Discovery sent nine teams across the world to serve in the name of Christ. Though many borders were spanned – across states, countries, and continents – one team stayed close to home. Proving their Savior is at work both near and far, Discovery Denver traveled just 15 miles north to work, serve […]