Discovery Peru Video

“I think I really grew as a person both in my character and spiritually. I still see the trip affecting how I live my life and I hope it continues to do that. This really uncovered my desire to serve and help others.” Check out this year’s Discovery Peru video, brought to you by Lost […]

Lessons Learned in Puerto Cabezas

A little more than 3,250 miles southeast of Denver is Puerto Cabezas, a small municipality on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. For years Valor Christian High School teams have been working with Pastor Earl Bowie to share the love of Christ with more than 100 orphaned and abandoned children at Casa Bernabe Orphanage, Verbo Church […]

Impacted by Peru

Early last month a group of Valor Christian students and leaders arrived in Lima, Peru. The group wasn’t there to take in the sights, rather, their mission was one of selflessness and love. The 22 who landed in Lima that day were there to serve – ready and willing to go where God would send […]

Discovery Costa Rica Video

Valor Discovery is serving across the world through compassion, sports, academics and arts. Check out video from this year’s Costa Rica experience – a trip made up of Valor Christian soccer players and coaches.

110,000 Miles of Service

If ever there was a month that prompts us to get out and get away it’s March. Each year, nature springs to life and temperatures warm during March, ushering in a restlessness to get outside and get away from winter’s dreary grind. Across the country, thousands and thousands of students look ahead to leisurely spring […]

Discovery Alumni Spotlight: Jessica Wright

This past summer, two Valor alumni accompanied 23 students and four leaders to Managua, Nicaragua for a week of spiritual transformation with Open Hearts Ministry. Having been to Managua before, Alyssa Butler and Jessica Wright had their minds on the children and ministry there, even through their first years of college. When presented with the […]

Discovery Teams Follow Christ to Puerto Peñasco

In 2009, Valor Discovery sent their first team to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. At the time few had any idea that the trip would evolve into a yearly trek which would send nearly 250 Valor students, parents and leaders 1,000 miles south to build and renovate homes, churches, and even a hospice alongside Amor Ministries. In […]