Discovering Mission in Haiti

Clement Stone once said, “When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it.” Just a few years ago, Mia McLaughlin walked the halls of Valor. The then-junior laughed, studied, played and worked. Like most students, she worried about […]

Discovery Haiti Video & Pictures

“When I went to Haiti last year I saw deprivation in every way. I saw people who in the worlds’ eyes had nothing but who were so full of love and were so giving. The littlest things meant the world to them. I fell in love with the Haitian people on both of my trips, […]

110,000 Miles of Service

If ever there was a month that prompts us to get out and get away it’s March. Each year, nature springs to life and temperatures warm during March, ushering in a restlessness to get outside and get away from winter’s dreary grind. Across the country, thousands and thousands of students look ahead to leisurely spring […]

Finding Joy and Purpose in Haiti

Last spring, a group of Valor students traveled with Discovery to Haiti. Their purpose: to share Christ’s selfless love with children and widows around the Central Plateau communities of Mirebalais and Thomassique. In partnership with Hope Rising Haiti, the team hosted a ladies retreat, built a home, served children in an orphanage, hosted a sports […]