Discovery Thailand Video

For Valor Christian student Jilian Buretz, video of a life-changing experience in Thailand could never tell of the meaningful ways her heart was moved and eyes opened during two weeks of ministry. No, six minutes of footage won’t show the ways God reveals himself through service and relationships. Still, the sophomore put together a moving […]

Discovery Thailand Video

For the last five years, Discovery has been sending teams to Thailand to work in schools, conferences and poor communities where the gospel of Christ needs to be heard. Watch video from this year’s experience here!

New Perspectives for a Discovery Alum

Today Valor Christian HS celebrates the commencement of its eighth graduating class. The event is a significant one in the lives of the more than 200 students who will walk the stage at Cherry Hills Community Church, just as it was for the more than 1,100 Valor seniors who have taken that walk in the […]

110,000 Miles of Service

If ever there was a month that prompts us to get out and get away it’s March. Each year, nature springs to life and temperatures warm during March, ushering in a restlessness to get outside and get away from winter’s dreary grind. Across the country, thousands and thousands of students look ahead to leisurely spring […]

Discovery Celebrates 100

Most of the time, it takes a long time to get to 100. Measure it how you will – in books, bites, laps, days…in miles run or repetitions of an exercise – 100 is a lofty number that doesn’t come easy. For Valor Discovery, 100 is a special mark. It is a milestone found through […]

Discovery Alumni Spotlight: Laura Shultz

In the summer of 2008, a group of 20 Valor students and leaders embarked on the very first Discovery experience – a 15-day trip to India to serve alongside the Dalit Freedom Network and Operation Mobilzation. Seven and a half years later, Discovery teams have traveled to 25 countries on nearly 100 experiences. Since that […]