Veritas PUSH Review

  Veritas Dance Company blew audiences away during their Friday and Saturday performances of PUSH held in the Valor Center.  Accompanied by Valor Symphonics and soloists Elly Shane, Mary Claytor, Pristine Floyd, Lindsey Hutcheon and Aly Estes, the show was both compelling and inspiring to all in attendance.  As the audience was led along the […]

PUSH: Veritas and Symphonics Take On Bullying

Bullying in all of its forms is a hot topic in schools around the nation, and the upcoming Veritas and Valor Symphonics production, PUSH, tackles this issue head-on through a dazzling multimedia production. The production follows three individuals, all at first inherently ‘good’, whose paths are manipulated by angelic and demonic forces that influence the […]


  Veritas dancers Caitlyn Koerner and Jayda Hinds met with the 7news team this morning to discuss bullying awareness among teenagers and to speak about their upcoming dance show, PUSH. The Show aims to shine light and hope on the issue of bullying and the Veritas girls are passionate about inspiring teenagers that have been […]