Baseball Team Shares Gospel In Arizona

Weather hindered the start of the season for the baseball program, but the Eagles were able to travel to Arizona to get their first 4 games of the season in. It was an easy trip. Our southwest flight was cancelled due to weather and we traveled by bus to get there. 14 hours later we were in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was an awesome experience. We started with going to an ASU baseball game before preparing for our 4 games of baseball in the week. We enjoyed a beautiful day in the hot sun while watching undefeated ASU defeat Washington State. From there we start preparing for our games. Going 2-2 is exactly what we were hoping for. Great competition while we were down there.

The coolest story while we were down there was playing against #17 in the Nation Greenwood from Arkansas. We had an opportunity to meet them the day before. We ate lunch together and wished each other luck before playing each other the next day. We played a great game against them however they ended up winning the battle 8-5. After the game, we shared the Gospel message with them. They were overwhelmed.

Afterward the players from Greenwood were asking if they could come hang out at our house. It is exactly what we are out trying to accomplish. Speaking the Gospel of Jesus through the language of baseball. We competed hard and at the end we were in relationship with one another. Some of the guys exchanged information to keep in touch and we wished them well on the rest of their season. Relationships are key. It’s who we are. It the message we want to continue to send out to every person we run into.

Our trip finished up with an amazing two days of experiences. First we would visit the rockies facility and receive a private tour! On our final day, we went to a Dodgers game where we had VIP passes to get on the field, meet the players and talk with the manager Dave Roberts. It truly was an amazing trip.