Incoming Athlete Information

Incoming Athletic Performance Training 
June 3 through August 3 (Monday – Thursdays)
Freshmen: 8:00–9:45 am | Stadium Weight Room
Contact: Bryan Glover
June 3 will start a 9-week program of lifting and performance. We want to make sure that we are building strong athletes. The summertime allows our performance staff the opportunity to teach proper technique and make sure your athlete is prepared for their seasons ahead.

Dead Week – (No Athletic Activities Scheduled)
June 30– July 7
This is a great time to schedule vacation! These are guaranteed dates that you will be able to get away and be with your family and know that you will not miss a thing. Our athletic dead week is in place to ensure a consistent and dedicated time (week of July 4th every year, which is the Friday before to the Sunday after) for every family to have a break that they can plan out ahead of time.