College Athletics Counseling

Finding Alternative Scholarships for Student Athletes

High school athletes often dream of nabbing a full athletic scholarship to the college of their choice. Unfortunately, hard data highlights that it’s quite difficult for a student athlete to achieve a full athletic scholarship. However, there are alternative scholarships available that can help high school athletes achieve both their athletic and educational goals. Read […]

Blog: Parents Should Not Contact College Coaches

“Most parents of high school student-athletes want their child to receive that impressive athletic scholarship to continue their sport in college. The recruiting process can be very daunting to the student-athlete in the midst of their practice schedule, ACT/SAT test prep, and keeping up with their classes. It becomes so overwhelming many parents try to […]

Star Tribune: Year Round Sports Push Kids to Limits

Youth sports are an estimated $15 billion industry, and the increasing specialization of these budding athletes is irrevocably changing Minnesota’s high school landscape in softball, baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball, volleyball and lacrosse — basically, every team sport except football. The offseason is disappearing, fueled by an explosion of pay-to-play club sports that have scores of […]

Recruiting Tip: Three College Coaches Discuss When Recruiting Starts

USAToday: Over the last several years we’ve interviewed college coaches at every level and from many different sports. Their advice to student-athletes on the recruiting process has been great! We’ve asked them every recruiting question in the books, from how they identify potential athletes, to how social media has changed college recruiting and everything in […]