The Valor Center

The Valor Center first opened its doors to students in 2015, the culmination of a dream to house one of the finest high school arts programs in the nation. Today, its halls resonate with the sounds of more than one thousand students who take arts and media classes during their tenure at Valor.

For a smaller, dedicated group of musicians, performers, artists, dancers, creators and inventors, it’s their home away from home. Here they’ve found like-minded peers with whom to develop their talents and share their passions. The Valor Center is also a gathering spot for thousands of local patrons, young and old alike, who are captivated by a year-round supply of memorable student performances.

Main Lobby and Gallery

The hub of the Valor Center is its main lobby with a reception area, two art galleries for curated student and professional displays, and a grand piano.

It has ample space for socializing, connecting with friends during a performance intermission, joining with others in a Bible study or attending a gallery showing.

Performance Hall

At the heart of the Valor Center, the 700-seat Performance Hall welcomes audiences to experience the sights and sounds of theatre and media productions presented by student artists on the main stage. It boasts a professional grade control booth, professional lighting system and control console, a hydraulic orchestra pit with space for fifty instrumentalists, and a full-height fly loft that houses a state-of-the-art theatrical rigging system replete with full theatrical draperies.

Performer Fly System and Theatrical Rigging

Dreams take flight — blessed through incredible donor generosity, Valor’s rigging and performer fly system is breaking the boundaries of high school theatre. Our fully programmable 27-line set array and 3D Performer Fly system truly is state of the art. Check out this performer flying highlight reel here!
Valor's Performer-fly-system
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Television Broadcast Studio

Students gain exceptional experience through hands-on classes and assistance with professional shoots in a studio equipped to meet industry standards. While the television studio is the front facing hub of production activity, the control room is the technical core, a professional-grade training ground for sophisticated production work.

2D and 3D Art Rooms

Be it drawing and painting or ceramics and sculpture, the 2D and 3D art rooms, complete with natural lighting and direct outdoor access, are specialized spaces offering students the ability to pursue a variety of media at a level usually offered only in the college environment.

Design Labs

Our state-of-the-art design labs allow us to offer a full complement of digital design, photography and media production classes in an environment maximized for both collaborative work and technical instruction.

Photography Studio

The photography studio is a unique space that allows us to instruct students in sophisticated lighting techniques with creative and commercial applications, while at the same time offering space for darkroom instruction. The space allows us to leverage both contemporary and traditional techniques to offer students an advanced level of instruction and technology resources for mixed media production.

Recording Studio

The recording studio is a game changer, a space that offers students the highest level of recording production experience while creating a destination studio for professional Christian artists from near and far. We use the studio to connect professionals with student artists, creating an expressly unique opportunity for industry collaboration, the likes of which are rarely, if ever, replicated in a high school program.

Black Box Studio Theatre

The Black Box Studio Theatre already provides a program hub for Valor’s theatre and musical theatre programs. This multifunctional space serves instructional, rehearsal and performance needs, while also serving as a flexible event space. However, the key furnishings and equipment have yet to complete the space as designed.

Stagecraft Suite

The life and magic our community enjoys in a great theatre performance begins long before opening night, in our state-of-the art safety-engineered stagecraft workshop. Ground zero for any production, the Stagecraft Suite serves as a critical hub for technical instruction and set building.

Dance Studios

Few forms of art can rival dance in its ability to marry movement with inspiration and body with heart. With sprung marley floors, full mirrors and bars, and integrated performance lighting and audio, Valor’s dance studios are exceptional dance instructional and performance spaces.

Practice and ISO Rooms

The art of music requires discipline and practice in order to achieve mastery. Acoustically isolated practice rooms allow students to hone their craft at any time without impact to other students and activities, while also serving as critical recording isolation rooms for our national-level recording studio.

Piano Lab

The piano lab is a specialized music space that will allow large groups to engage in learning and practice of piano, and film scoring and composition, with up to 20 students able to work simultaneously. With a full complement of digital Yamaha Clavinovas, this space truly distinguishes our music offerings, reflecting a conservatory or college model.

Classrooms and Media Labs

Great instruction needs great support spaces. Our general purpose media labs and classrooms are equipped with full technology infrastructure, allowing resources for our student body of 1,200 students with 85 percent of them earning multiple arts credits through our robust performing and visual arts program offerings.

Orchestra Room

This beautiful space is large enough for a full orchestra rehearsal as well as a classroom setting for theory and other music studies. The mountain view and abundant natural lighting provide artistic inspiration for all elements of our music program including jazz ensemble, chamber orchestra, guitar classes, choir and Conservatory ensembles. Additionally, it serves as a flexible space for small concerts, large group meetings and after-school programs.
Valor Student Testimonial - Katie
If we are serious about sharing our faith in a way that the world will listen, we must pursue our platform with the utmost excellence and unrelenting passion. Valor Arts gives that legacy and I’m still benefiting from this in my pursuit of music in my career.
Valor alum, Colorado Christian University 2014