Performing Arts

Discover Valor Arts+Media’s exceptional performing arts programs and genres of dance, theatre, music and recording arts.

Students excel through in-depth training in our programs while thriving in a joyful, well-crafted, student-centric culture rooted in Christ.

Performing Arts Programs


Valor’s award-winning theatre program blends a variety of daily course offerings with production opportunities for a dynamic and enriching student community.

In addition to three major productions a year with open auditions, there are smaller class productions created and performed in our intimate Black Box Studio Theatre.

 Additionally, our growing program offers classes in theatre tech and musical theatre, giving students many creative leadership opportunities.

  • Introduction to Theatre
  • Intermediate Acting
  • Advanced Acting/Performance Ensemble
  • Conservatory Musical Theatre
  • Theatre Tech
  • Kurt Muenstermann: Intermediate Acting, Advanced Acting, Theatre Tech
  • Jenny Timmons: Musical Theatre
  • Marlana Perry: Introduction to Theatre
  • Jamie Geary: Musical Theatre


Valor’s extensive dance program provides a place where students can experience the joy and community that Christ offers, while excelling in the area of dance they love most. In addition to daily classes offered for every level of dance experience, our program offers audition-based opportunities organized around two focuses: a performance-based Veritas Company and a competitive dance team.

Within these two areas of focus, dancers who are passionate about continuing dance in college or refining their art are encouraged to further develop their technique through The Valor Conservatory for the Arts.

>> Learn more about auditioning for Poms, Veritas, or Dance Conservatory.

  • Dance I, II, III (for students who wish to enjoy a dance class without the additional requirements of after school practice or meeting times)
  • Varsity Competitive Dance Team and Junior Varsity Competitive Dance Team
  • Veritas Company (a high-level dance troupe producing message-based performances)
  • Conservatory Dance
  • Conservatory Ballet (Cecchetti ballet for Conservatory students)
  • Conservatory Silk/Aerial performance
  • Jamie Geary: Dance I, II, III; Competitive Dance; Veritas
  • Lisa Holtz Odell: Conservatory Dance
  • Chanel Odell: Conservatory Dance, Conservatory Silk/Aerial
  • Briana Odell: Veritas, Conservatory Dance, Junior Varsity Competitive Dance
  • LouAnne Davies: Conservatory Ballet
  • Natalie Jackson: Junior Varsity Competitive Dance


Valor’s diverse music program provides experience and learning opportunities for every student’s interest. From guitar, piano and songwriting classes for individual growth to ensemble classes such as Jazz Combo, Chamber Orchestra, Worship Band, and two vocal groups — there is truly something for everyone.

The gem of our program is our state-of-the-art recording studio, providing professional-grade resources and training for artist development, spanning all facets of the music and recording arts industry.

  • Instrumental: Orchestra, Jazz Combo, Piano Lab, Guitar Lab
  • Vocal: Valor Voice, Valor Choir
  • Worship Band
  • Songwriting
  • Studio Recording
  • Rick Paswaters: Performing Arts Department Lead, Chamber Orchestra, Valor Voice, AP Music Theory
  • Marty Magehee: Songwriting, Studio Recording
  • Nathan Johnson: Jazz Combo, Worship Band
  • Jenny Timmons: Piano Lab, Valor Choir
  • Kevin Ostrom: Guitar Lab
  • Justin Hitch: Recording Studio

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Valor student testimonial - Caitlyn
My Valor Arts experience helped strengthen my abilities in dance, as well as confidence in myself and the Lord. This program has taught me how to use my art as a form of worship and ministry for the Lord no matter where I am in the world, for which I am forever grateful.

Valor Alum, Azusa Pacific University