The Valor Conservatory for the Arts is an endorsement program that combines individualized, exceptional arts training with Christ-centered mentorship to offer students a competitive advantage in their college, career and life pursuits.

Students can focus their Conservatory studies in two areas: performing arts and visual arts. Each area offers custom-tailored, six-course majors that incorporate choreographed experiences and private lessons that help students create at an advanced level, while also growing in their ability to think critically, work collaboratively, serve effectively, and produce art of true beauty and worth.

Conservatory Features

  • Individualized six-course major
  • Special transcript and graduation recognition
  • Customized demo reel or portfolio for college admission
  • Master classes, private lessons or small group instruction on a weekly basis
  • Faculty mentorship
  • Access to specialized college and career counseling
  • Annual semester juried review
  • Special showcases and exhibitions
  • Team retreats for community and spiritual growth

Conservatory Only Classes

Conservatory participants can sign up for classes only available to them.

Juries and Showcases

Juries are formal reviews by a panel of Arts faculty, which consist of a performance by the student, discussion of the student’s progress and strategies to help the student continue to grow. Juries are then followed by performance showcases in the Performance Hall of the Valor Center, with the mid-year Showcase held in January and the-end-of-year Showcase held in early May. These are fantastic opportunities for students to perform, shine and share their growth as artists!

Game Changers Bible Class

Game Changers is a semester-long, half-credit Bible class offered in the junior year,and is a required course for all Conservatory students. This class focuses on integrating faith and Christian apologetics in vocation and also includes team collaboration, idea development and aspects of business. Additionally, students develop a personal artist webpage in the Game Changers class.

Conservatory Retreat

The Conservatory Retreat is a fun-filled bonding time that draws students and faculty closer together and encourages spiritual growth and community.

College Admission Counseling

Sheri Magehee, Valor’s Conservatory coordinator and academic and college counselor, will provide specialized assistance for all Conservatory students, helping in areas such as providing direction and course planning, including long-term course projections, and helping students navigate through college and career pursuits connected to their areas of passion.

Advantages of Conservatory

College Advantage

With exceptional skills training, distinct graduation honors and special transcript recognition, The Valor Conservatory for the Arts college applicants have a leg up on the competition.

Career Advantage

We pair each Conservatory student with a faculty mentor, offer specialized career counseling, and offer unique course opportunities that afford the maximum career advantage.

Life Advantage

Combining this intense training with mentorship, unique experiences that strengthen confidence, and the opportunity to create and share things of beauty and worth, students build upon a foundation that influences a lifetime.

Performing Arts Concentrations


  • Instrumental Performance
  • Vocal Performance
  • Worship Arts
  • Studio Recording
  • Song Writing
  • Music Composition
  • Artist Development


  • Acting, Stage and Film
  • Musical Theatre
  • Technical Theatre


  • Students may also elect to take a performance major and pursue a variety of courses tailored to their passions from all areas of performing arts


  • Contemporary Technique / Cecchetti Ballet Technique Perfomance
  • Aerial Arts, including Silke Aerial and Lyra

Visual Arts Concentrations

Traditional & Digital

  • Traditional Media
  • Ceramics
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Digital Media
  • Film Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Visual Arts
  • Students may also elect to have a visual arts concentration and pursue a variety of courses tailored to their passions from all areas of visual arts.

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