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Valor Conservatory Winter Showcase Review

The Valor Conservatory had a powerful start to the semester last week with its Conservatory Showcase. What better way to kick off the New Year than by displaying and celebrating Valor’s top talent? With three nights of dance, theater, singing, and musical theater performances, the program delighted the entire community and brought attention to the […]

Inside the life of Arts Conservatory student Eunji Lee

By Marian Bouchot At Valor, students with innate artistic ability have the opportunity to be a part of the Arts Conservatory. The Conservatory allows students to specialize in any art form they choose so that they can improve and grow in their craft. Eunji Lee, a foreign exchange student from South Korea, is part of […]

Valor Center Featured In highlands ranch lifestyle

“Students are already making industry connections in high school,” says Ringnalda, citing Valor alum and renowned musician Meagan Thwaites who’s now working with a top producer she met at the HeavenFest music festival while she was still a student. “Last year we were in Nashville and met Rascal Flats and Amy Grant, among others,” says Ringnalda. “The students […]

Conservatory Retreat

What is Valor Conservatory? The Valor Conservatory for the Arts is a specialized and concerted college and career arts and media program that offers students maximum advantage in the pursuit of the discipline of choice, while furthering their ability to successfully carry out Valor’s vision to prepare tomorrow’s leaders to transfer the world for Christ. […]

People of Valor: Marty Magehee

The life of Valor Faculty member, Marty Magehee, has taken him from tour buses, to recording studios, to record production, to teaching the next generation of artists. Marty began his music career with the band Truth, and later 4HIM. “I was on a tour bus the day after I graduated college with Truth. We traveled […]