Applying for College

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Congratulations, you're almost to your senior year! So many exciting milestones lie ahead, including the process of finding and choosing the right college.

Use these resources put together by the College Counseling team to help guide you and your family through the College Application Process. To get the most out of it, please read everything carefully and do your best to follow the recommended deadlines.

College Application Resources

  • College Application Timeline - To help you stay organized, use this timeline (originally handed out at the College Night for Juniors in January). Please refer to this document to know what you should be working on between now and graduation.
  • College Application Packet - This packet gives you step-by-step action items to help you navigate the application process. It also includes details on how to ask for a teacher recommendation and details about the class of 2020 to help you fill out your college applications.
  • Letter of Recommendation - Teacher Request Form - Please fill this form out and give it to the teacher you would like a recommendation from. Your request is not official until the teacher receives this form in person.
  • Parent or Guardian Response Form - Parents, please complete this form.  It will be used to assist your student's counselor in writing their recommendation letter.
  • Supplemental Reference Form - If you have someone who knows you well in your extracurricular activities and would like them as a reference to enhance the counselor letter of recommendation, please use this form.
  • College Essay Workshop: SIGN UP - August 2 & 5 the College Counseling Team will be providing a College Essay Workshop for all rising seniors, so please make sure to register and mark your calendars for this helpful opportunity. Both dates are necessary to attend if you plan to benefit from this workshop.
  • College Application Review Process and Sign UpYour counselor is willing to read and edit all of your college applications prior to them being submitted. Click on the photo of your counselor below to sign up for a specific review deadline. Space is limited, so please sign-up as soon as possible.
Jay McCann
Chad VanSoest
Todd Pulliam
Sheila Beckie
Sheri Magehee

Beyond the Application

Paying for College

As you think about paying for college, consider visiting FAFSA, or for more information regarding financial aid, financial planning and scholarships.

Want to Play a Sport in College?

All athletes who hope to play in the NCAA or NAIA should be sure to create an account on the NCAA Eligibility Center or NAIA Eligibility Center. This is a required first step in the process of meeting eligibility requirements. Please email with any questions.

Meeting with Your Counselor Over the Summer

If you have any questions or concerns during the summer, there will be a counselor available to help. For your reference, here are all of the dates and who will be in the office:

  • Zach GautierJune 6-7 and June 10-14
  • Chad Van SoestJune 17-21
  • Jay McCann: June 24-26 and July 30-31
  • Sheila Beckie: July 9 - July 31
  • Todd Pulliam: July 22-26
  • Office Closed: June 27-July 8
  • All Counselors Back: August 1

Other Questions?

Your Academic & College Counselor is here to help, so please do not hesitate in contacting them with any question!