Come Back and Visit

We are so happy to see our alumni return to visit. If you are planning to stop by, take a moment to review the protocol for connecting with Faculty and Staff at Valor.  As always, we want to respect the time and availability of Faculty, as well as preserve the learning environment for our current students.

  1. Please contact the teacher you’d like to visit before your arrival on campus.  Schedule a time before or after school, or during an off-period. (*Unscheduled visits are possible after school is out at 3:15 p.m.)

  2. When you arrive for your appointment, check in with your driver’s license at the Front Desk in the Academic Building or Valor Arts Center.  You will receive a Valor Visitor Badge and your teacher will be called.  

  3. Your teacher will escort you from the front lobby and will escort you back to check out after your appointment is over.

Come back again soon!

Connect with Valor

Be sure to connect on LinkedIn by listing Valor in the Education section of your profile. This will give you access to the network of other alumni who are doing the same.

Social Media

You can follow along on social media too. Find Valor on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

Alumni News

Marian Bouchot was an award-winning filmmaker by the time she graduated from Valor in 2017, setting the stage for her pursuit of a career in journalism.
Working as an artificial intelligence and robotics engineer has given Timothy Werder ‘13 a fascinating opportunity to use his work on space robots for the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C.
By not taking the traditional college-to-career route, Evan Williams '19 got a clearer picture of his Christian journey and discovered what really fed his heart for impacting the world for Christ.