Advanced Film Carries Their Cross



“I thought this was just going to be a normal film hike,” expressed  Junior Abby Hale, “The bagels the teachers brought were really misleading. We had no idea we were about to learn about the importance of storytelling in film production through Jesus’s crucifixion experience.  

But then the teachers, Mr. Anamier and Mr. DeYoung said, ‘We all have our own cross to bear’ and started unloading these planks of wood from the trunk.” When told about this hike, the film students knew nothing about anything that was going to happen during the hike. The instructions were simply to show up at 8:00 am on homecoming day for a hike and make sure you wear athletic clothing. Little did they know just how much physical activity they would be doing. The teachers had a surprise in store for their students: they would be carrying with them the materials to build a cross for 1 1/2 miles uphill.

Switching pieces as they hiked upward, the students finally made it to the top where they built the cross with some issues involving bent nails. After the cross was built and stood up, Mr. DeYoung and Mr. Anamier delivered a sermon on the mount teaching the students just how much pain Jesus went through, and he didn’t even get any bagels before the trip. It really put into perspective how everyone plays a role in the world.

Along the way up, the students also switched off working a camera. Learning about new camera angles, lighting, slow motion, and knowing when and where to take the shot, the footage collection turned out spectacular.

“It was an amazing experience,” said Senior Tyler Lynch. “When I carried the base of the cross on my shoulders, it made me realize that I am feeling one-one thousandth of what Jesus was carrying on him when he neared his death; and I was thanking him and praying to him the entire time.”

The students were able to grow in their faith and skills in film production during this hike and developed a close community because nothing says community like hiking up a mountain carrying lumber together. Abby Hale finished her thought on the trip saying, “Jesus didn’t have bagels or water, but we did. No one was screaming at us, we weren’t about to face the wrath of God, you know, the normal stuff, so it was mind blowing to imagine how Jesus was feeling. It brought a whole new perspective to when people talk about how Jesus died on the cross.”

Written By: Tyler Lynch