Exploring Colorado: A Geoscience Adventure

Tuesday, March 23 - Thursday, March 25, meet at Valor at 8:30 each day. Our outings will be for full days and the return times will vary.

A series of day trips to some of the most interesting areas of the Front Range, designed to help students discover the science underlying the amazing planet we live on and the amazing state we inhabit. We will meet at Valor each morning for breakfast before hitting the road for that day’s adventure. The primary topic is geology, but we will also talk about astronomy, hydrology, and meteorology. The goal of the trip is to get a sense of the processes and forces shaping our world, and to see how it all works together for the glory of God!

*Note: This is an updated description and no longer includes camping.



Mr. Lincoln Ward, Ms. Gina Alcala, Mr. Tyler Harrington

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