Valor provides every student with a college preparatory education that challenges them to excel academically. As a result, classes at Valor can be rigorous. We work with students proactively to ensure they have the level of support they need to thrive at Valor.

Our incoming freshmen have curriculum as well as resources to help them adjust to the demands of high school. And all students can take advantage of our on-campus academic support services that range from peer tutoring and one-on-one coaching to accommodations and summer school.

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9th Grade Academic Transition

Freshman year is a transitional time for many students. Each incoming 9th grade class represents students from more than 70 area middle schools, which means students often come in at varying readiness levels. Our goal is to have all students at grade level by the start of their junior year.

Toward that end, we offer services and classes for incoming 9th-grade students, starting during the spring semester of their 8th grade year, and running through the summer and into the academic year, that help students build foundational academic skills. Read about our course offerings below, and register by clicking on the links provided.

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9th Grade Seminar

Our 9th Grade Seminar class supports incoming freshmen as they transition from over middle school to become active members of the Valor community.

The 9th Grade Seminar is a small, single-gender class that meets twice each week and helps students build strong academic skills and study habits while also exploring their giftings and talents, personality and temperament, grit and vision. Best of all, the 9th Grade Seminar is often the place new freshman form close friendships that stay with them throughout high school and beyond.


The 9th-grade faculty are highly qualified, all-star teachers who are fully versed in all 9th grade-level core subjects, including math, English, biology, history and Bible.

In addition to their primary instructional role, these teachers also run our 9th Grade Seminar classes and serve as advocates for 9th graders. They guide 9th-grade students through their first year and serve as a sounding board for any questions and concerns students may come across during their transition to high school.


The 9th-grade faculty in core disciplines meet regularly to stay aware of each other’s curricular goals and student outcomes. Our philosophy is to support and push students so that they feel safe to take challenges and risks academically. 

By the time they start the sophomore year, we desire that students are well prepared in their thinking, reading, writing, research and presentation skills. Ultimately, we believe that they will be more effective in their passions and areas of interest if they have their foundational skills in place.

Advanced Placement

Admitted freshmen are invited to take a math or Spanish placement test in the spring to advance beyond the traditional freshman courses. Please contact Sheila Beckie if you believe your student would qualify for advanced placement.

Benefit from Valor Academic Support

On-Campus Academic Support

Tutoring Center

The Valor Tutoring Center offers faculty and peer tutoring for students who need additional help in specific subjects.

Full-time tutors know Valor’s curriculum, teachers, and assignments and are able to effectively and efficiently help students succeed. Peer tutors are highly vetted, complete a rigorous application process, and are trained to help students in specific subjects. 

Tutoring sessions occur both during the regular school day and after school. To learn more about sessions, costs, and scheduling, please contact Academic Support.


If a student has a diagnosed learning difficulty that hinders his or her ability to access information or demonstrate knowledge in a manner appropriate to his or her ability level, then we strive to find the appropriate accommodations that provide space and opportunity for that student to learn and grow academically. 

Students who have a documented learning difficulty may be considered for formal academic accommodations after a thorough review process. The first step is to have a student diagnostically tested and submit that testing to the Accommodations Coordinator.

In order for a student to be considered for accommodations, testing must be within the last three years. Once testing is received, the Accommodations Coordinator will review and contact the requesting family for a meeting.

If you would like more information, you can view and download current Accommodations Policies or contact Vicki Munderloh, Accommodations Coordinator.

Standardized Test Prep

At Valor, our commitment to prepare our students for university studies includes preparing them for standardized tests such as the SAT, PSAT, and ACT. When pursuing college scholarships or university acceptance, we understand how crucial a couple of points on these tests can be.

Academic Management

The Academic Management (AM) course is intended to support students by improving academic performance and study habits. AM faculty help students advocate for themselves with teachers and serve as a constant accountability checkpoint.

Weekly attention is given toward organization and grade checks as well as a plan for remediation if the student falls behind. This class option is available for all students at the cost of $1200 per semester.

You can learn more about our Academic Support program and register for tutoring here, or contact Academic Support Lead Will Ostransky with questions.