At Valor, our core belief that all truth is God’s truth inspires us to engage in academic pursuits with curiosity, humility and rigor.

We use modern technology coupled with 21st-century pedagogy to teach our students to think critically and deeply, prepare for college, become lifelong learners, and form within themselves the knowledge and responsibility for transformational leadership.

College Preparatory

Valor provides an academically rigorous program, grounded in biblical truth, that prepares students for the highest levels of academic performance and leadership in college and beyond.

Our College Prep classes are intellectually challenging and developmentally appropriate. Honors, Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Credit (DC) classes provide college-level content and requirements that keep advanced and highly motivated students engaged and thriving.

We offer a wide variety of elective courses as well, so students are able to support their long-term interests and goals. Our weekly schedule closely replicates a college experience, with courses meeting at various times throughout the week, enabling students to invest in peer, teacher and mentor relationships throughout the week.

Christ Centered

Valor is a decidedly Christian school that puts Christian faith and practice at the center of all we do. This commitment drives our pursuit of excellence in the classroom and shapes the way we conduct ourselves as learners individually and in community.

We teach our students to work at their very best level with integrity and determination. Yet we also emphasize community, knowing we learn and grow best side-by-side, looking out not merely for our own interests but also the interests of others (Philippians 2:4).

The result is a school that encourages students to rise to their full potential, while still celebrating the diverse ways in which students learn, achieve and thrive.

Professional Faculty

Our faculty are dedicated Christians who are excellent, knowledgeable teachers who do not separate intellectual life from spiritual practice.

Many of our faculty hold advanced degrees in their disciplines. Others have worked professionally for many years in their industry or professional fields, and still others actively contribute outside Valor’s community as expert consultants and practitioners.

As a result of the extraordinary example set by our faculty, Valor students are challenged to pursue academic excellence, not for its own sake or even merely in light of college admission, but because our calling as Christ followers demands nothing less.

Well Supported

Valor students cover a wide spectrum of learning styles, including students who are neural atypical. As a result, we take academic support very seriously to maximize learning and success for all students.

Each student and situation is unique, and the Valor faculty seeks to find the best solution for each student that promotes learning and academic success.

We provide a range of support services, including scheduled meetings with teachers, peer or professional tutoring during off blocks, academic coaching, extended library hours, individualized student schedules, summer school classes, and accommodations for students with a diagnosed learning disability.

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