Valor is committed to being an authentic college preparatory school. The goal of Directed Learning at Valor is to provide balance, flexibility and openness within the academic day so that students can take advantage of the myriad of resources and support systems available. When students are on campus they are required to be beneficially engaged in academic pursuits. The Academic Success Department exists to help our students make the most of their academic experience at Valor.

RISE Department Courses

RISE: Academic Coaching

ELE 130

RISE stands for building Responsibility, Integrity, Self-Awareness, and Engagement in students. This department offers academic coaches who are available to work with students in all classes. In a sense, RISE coaches can be looked at as academic tutors that are available on campus. In addition to offering help in all content areas, RISE coaches help students advocate for themselves with teachers, and they will serve as a constant accountability checkpoint for students.


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