Valor Tutoring Center

Private Tutoring

The Valor Tutoring Center offers one-on-one tutoring for students who need additional help in specific subjects.  Full time tutors know Valor’s curriculum, teachers, and assignments and are able to effectively and efficiently help students succeed. Tutoring sessions can be scheduled during the regular school day. The cost of this one on one tutoring is $65 per hour. If finances are an issue, families may request tuition assistance. Interested families with questions may contact Academic Support.

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is offered through the Valor Tutoring Center. Peer tutors have applied for a position and been interviewed and hired as paid employees of Valor. These tutors are trained to help students who need additional help in specific subjects. The cost of peer tutoring is $20 per hour and tutors can meet before or after school.  Interested families may contact Academic Support.

Math and Writing Support

For students who need extra instruction in math or writing, Valor offers the Math Lab and the Write Place. Students can schedule appointments to meet with instructors in these areas. The Math Lab has scheduled appointments during the first half of the class and is open for drop-ins the second half. For the Write Place, appointments are recommended. For questions, regarding the Math Lab or the Write Place, please contact Academic Support.