Standardized Test Prep

At Valor, we are committed to preparing our students for university studies including preparing them for standardized tests such as the ACT and PSAT. When pursuing college scholarships or university acceptance, we understand how crucial a couple of points on these tests can be.

ACT Prep

ACT preparation is offered to Valor students in two ways. First, every junior is encouraged and expected to participate in the spring test prep class. This class provides the best strategies for taking the ACT as well as reinforcing the knowledge of content that is often covered on this test. This class meets twice per week and concludes after the April ACT that students take here at Valor.

Second, ACT prep is offered in the fall for any senior. While most of these seniors have already taken the ACT and many have already completed the Test Prep class during the previous spring, these students have yet to earn their desired score. These students work with our standardized test specialist in a group of five or less and are tutored in their commonly missed questions.


PSAT preparation is offered to Valor juniors who have scored high on the PSAT taken as a sophomore. These students need to have scored higher than 1150 in order to participate in a PSAT prep class. This class meets twice per week and concludes after the October PSAT. The goal of this class is to see students earn National Merit recognition.