RISE: Academic Coaching

RISE stands for building Responsibility, Integrity, Self-Awareness and Engagement in students. RISE provides academic coaches that are familiar with the Valor curriculum and are available to work with and tutor students. They have the ability to work with all academic disciplines. In addition to offering help in all content areas, RISE coaches help students advocate for themselves with teachers and serve as a constant accountability checkpoint for students.

RISE classes have no more than 5 students per coach, allowing for strategic one-on-one instruction between a coach and student, in a small group setting 4 times per week. The coach has access to students’ grades and upcoming assignments and tests and can easily contact students’ teachers. As a result, RISE coaches are completely tuned in to exactly how a student is performing and what a student needs to work on each day.

At the beginning of each year, parents and student meet with the academic coach to set specific goals and align expecations. If a goal is to improve test scores then the academic coach would focus the 4 sessions a week on preparing and studying for tests not completing homework that is due the next period.

RISE – In School Option

RISE is a fee-based class and the cost is $1125/per semester OR $2250/year.

1-1 Tutoring Group Tutoring RISE – In School Option RISE – After School Option
Cost per hour $65.00/hr $45.00/hr $19.00/hr $20/hr
How far does $2250 per year get you? 1 hour per week 1.5 hours per week 3.6 hours per week 3.4 hours per week.

RISE – After School Option

We are currently determining if there is interest to have students attend RISE after school. As a trial, there will be a RISE coach available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15-5:15 p.m. Hours are pre-purchased by paying for 10 hours at a time ($200). Students will receive a punch card that is good for 10 hours of RISE: Academic Coaching after school.